UCP organised a community well-being camp

The Department of Psychology, University of Central Punjab Lahore, organised a community well-being camp at the Cantonment General Hospital on 28t May 2022. Dr Shazia Hasan, Ms Momina Nayyer, Ms Pakeeza Haider Qasmi and Ms Ifra Mahmood were the community well-being camp organisers. The camp’s purpose was to provide awareness and help to the community with their mental health issues and to make suitable referrals. The community well-being camp incorporates the social, mental, emotional, cultural, and spiritual determinants of health.

The well-being of an individual includes coping with the various stresses of everyday living and realisation of the full potential of an individual as a productive member of society.
MS Clinical Psychology (Bushra Khan, Fatima Hanif, Aqsa Malik, Khushbakht Pari, Muhammad Sohail and Sehar Waheed) and PhD Psychology (Sana Majeed) students administered a variety of measures to assess children and adults, including the emotional quotient, intelligence, aggression, self-compassion, anxiety, depression, behavioural addiction, stress, and self-efficacy. 23 clients, including 7children & 16 adults, were assessed in the community well-being camp. In addition, Psychoeducation and counselling were provided to the parents and patients.

Dr Shazia Hassan, Head of the Psychology Department, inaugurated the Well Being Camp. The findings of the tests were immediately communicated with adults and children’s informants to raise awareness and educate them about their mental health. Other members of the faculty visited the camp as well. The event facilitated its goal by encouraging the development of life skills that allow people, families, and communities to better understand and engage with their surroundings and lead healthy lifestyles.