UCP Wins Bronze Award at the Intel Innovate FPGA Contest

Team UCP comprising of members from our Biomechatronic lab and Electrical Engineering department has won a Bronze Award at an international competition organized by Intel corporation.

The details of the projects are as follows:

Project Name: Human Gait Phase Detection using Convolution Neural Network-Based Prediction Engine

Team Members:

  1. Dr. Zohaib Aftab (MED)
  2. Dr. Arslan Arif (EED)
  3. Engr. Nazia Gillani (EED)
  4. Engr. Ali Awais (EED)
The project involved developing a prediction engine for human gait phase detection using Convolution Neural Networks (CNN). For this purpose, human data was collected in Bio Mechatronics Lab, UCP. I used a gait sensor built in-house by the laboratory. The CNN based prediction engine showed considerable accuracy in discriminating different gaits.
The application of this research includes the field of rehabilitation of gait-impaired patients, such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease.
The team was awarded with 2 FPGA board and a cash prize by the event organizers.