Webinar on National Security Policy of Pakistan (2022-2026)

The Department of Politics and International Relations has organized a webinar on the National Security Policy (NSP) of Pakistan (2022-2026) on Friday, 18 February. The well-read and well-acclaimed academician and author Dr Huma Baqai, Former Defense Secretary and security expert, Lt Gen (R) Dr. Talat Masood and former Foreign Secretary and top-notch diplomat Shamshad Ahmed Khan were part of the distinguished panel.
Dr. Waheed Ahmad Khan, Head of Department (Politics and International Relations-FASS) welcomed the respected speakers and gave a brief introduction about the general outlook of the department, faculty, students and on-going programs.
Dr. Huma Buqai shed light on the academic thrust of the NSP and alluded how toxic and Pakistan specific Indians have been, following the disruption. According to her, NSP has provided unified, people-centric and inclusive approach to tackle the challenges. She said that Pakistan needs to avoid camp politics and need to revise this security policy periodically.
Former Foreign Secretary, Shamshad Khan made his point by saying ‘’Problems are not external but domestic”. His focus has been on geo-economics. Lt General (R) Dr. Talat Masood zoomed in on economic dimension of this security policy.
At the end, Students in the conference room posed relevant questions which were answered in a satisfactory manner. Department HOD and faculty thanked the panelists for enlightening the students and taking stock of the security policy in a succinct way.