World Intellectual Property Day

The ownership of great ideas leads to the development of products and inventions that could transform the world. World IP day observed on April 26 each year is a testimony of such greatest ideas making their way to the market thus adding billions to the nation’s economy and improving the lives of the people. In this line, Higher Education Institutions are considered hubs of inventions bringing in potential revenue streams. Along with opening up the licensing avenues, ideas emanating from the universities can be reinvested into Research and Development thus driving the innovation cycle.


The University of Central Punjab (UCP) at Lahore has remained cognizant of the fact that the future resides in product commercialization of which IP serves the baseline. This led to the commencement and stimulation of IP identification drives in 2021. In a short span of 3 months, UCP has more than ten IPs registered in its account and many in the pipeline. This makes UCP one of the few private sector universities in Pakistan that are taking lead in adding more economic channels to the national exchequer. Ranging from engineering products to pharmaceutical discoveries, these inventions have the potential to make an impact.


UCP holds firm to its mission of serving the nation and the world, and through such pursuits, we are more determined ever to bring a change.


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