Earn via Property Management: BS Real Estate Management

Earn via Property Management: BS Real Estate Management

Real Estate is a major contributor to Pakistan’s economic growth. Till now, we haven’t seen professionally trained graduates in this field. However, there are many people a part of the real estate sector and are performing well. But still every professional can handle things in different ways and can make informed decisions. Therefore, UCP has included BS Real Estate Management in their Spring admissions 2024. This article will highlight the skills and career path for our young graduates.  

Real Estate in Pakistan in Nutshell 

First, let’s explore the real estate sector of Pakistan.  

  • In 2024, the real estate market in Pakistan is expected to be valued at US$2.11 trillion. 
  • This market category is dominated by residential real estate, which is expected to generate US$1.49 trillion in revenue by 2024. 
  • By 2028, the market is projected to have grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.04%, with a total value of US$2.77 trillion. 
  • On the other hand, China is predicted to produce the greatest value in the real estate market globally, with a projected value of US$135.70 trillion in 2024. 
  • In Pakistan’s largest cities, the demand for luxury flats is surging in the real estate market. 

Brief Introduction to BS Real Estate Management 

UCP caters the students of intermediate to gain relevant experience in wide world of property management. The BS in Real Estate Management is an undergraduate degree comprising four years.  

The course curriculum of this programme is rich and interesting at the same time. Introductory subjects, field plans, fundamentals of management and organising, construction management and technology, with HR practices are part with communication skills, computer skills relating to real estate, mapping, remote sensing, and GIS are an inclusive part of BS Real Estate Management.   

BS Real Estate Management Skill Development 

This exclusive real estate degree focuses on real assets management in its best and various forms.  Hence, it also develops the most essential skills for handling various jobs and career opportunities in future endeavours.   

Some of the skills are as follows, which you will be learning and grasping while studying BS Real Estate Management at UCP through Spring, 2024. The comprehensive range of targeted subjects and areas of learning are as follows.  

  • Property Types and Aspects from core to top 
  • Material Types & Details 
  • Laws & Legal Prerequisites 
  • Environmental Aspects 

In addition, students will learn many other skills to cater for the market professionally. 

  1. The capacity to handle and analyse complex data;  
  2. Proficient in written, oral, visual, and numerical communication;  
  3. Teamwork and leadership;  
  4. Business planning and project management;  
  5. Negotiation;  
  6. Client care;  
  7. Time management and independence;  
  8. Information technology use; and  
  9. The capacity to put theory into practice.learning prospects after BS real estate management

Career Outlook after BS Real Estate Management 

Once a degree in real estate management is completed, the students will be ready to enter the professional field. The major employers would be  

  • Real Estate Agencies,  
  • Government Bodies Regarding Development and Property.  
  • Financial Advisors, And can also  
  • Initiate Your Own Property Management Business.  

The one with a professional degree in real estate management can serve all the aspects of real estate and property management. The possible title to start a career in property management can be any of these, as stated below. 

  • Property Manager
  • Property Valuer
  • Body Corporate Manager
  • Real Estate Entrepreneur
  • Business Development Manager
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Property Houses & Holdings Problem Resolvers & Case Developers
  • Property Blog Writers
  • Project Supervisor in both Public & Private Sector
  • Facilities Manager
  • Historic Buildings Inspector/ Conservation Officer
  • Procurement Manager
  • Building Quality Surveyor
  • Lecturer in Academics 

Admission Criteria for BS Real Estate Management 

Let’s discuss the admission criteria for BS Real Estate Management. You can get the complete information regarding the admissions for BS Real Estate Management. But in a nutshell, the criteria for BS Real Estate Management are as below. 

A Candidate must have at least 45% marks in intermediate or equivalent. Applicants are required to qualify entry test as well as an interview to secure the seat. 

Apply Today at the University Central Punjab (UCP) 

You can join the ever-growing field of real estate in Pakistan with a professional degree and grasp on the related subjects to ensure the safety of the environment, and human lives and to abide by the laws of the state. 

The admission portal for Spring Admissions 2024 is open at the University of Central Punjab (UCP). You can apply right now before the admission process is still going on.  You can apply online.  

Final Wording 

BS Real Estate Management can be your gateway towards a prosperous and promising career. With knowledge, market insights, and skills, a professional realtor can play a part in the development of the real estate sector precisely to the economic growth of Pakistan.