Excel Media and Mass Communication Professionally

Excel Media and Mass Communication Professionally

Media and Mass Communication Spring Admissions2024

Mass and media communication is the process of imparting and sharing information to large public groups. The mediums of information sharing could be any of print media, event organisation, and digital media. Furthermore, diverse channels fall under mass communication. You can take television, radio, print media, and digital media as an example. UCP offers professional degrees in Media and Mass Communication. Let’s explore the Spring 2024 options of the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication.  

Faculty of Media and Mass Communication (FOMM) 

University of Central Punjab (UCP) established the vibrant faculty of Media and Mass Communication in 2014. This faculty is one of the most anticipated and rich parts of UCP. With 09 PhDs and more than 20 MPhil educators on board, we instil a unique blend of knowledge, expertise, and market-driven skillset.  

Furthermore, we have established a set of on-campus facilities under the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication (FOMM). The students can enhance their learning with practical exposure to the field through an in-house TV studio, a non-leaner activity lab, and an in-house UCP radio station.  

All these practical elements can help our students engage in any of the following programmes to become successful media personalities in their careers.    

Students can get various advantages in this era of Digital Media and Mass Communication Studies.  

  1. BS Media and Communication Studies 
  2. BS Film, TV, and Digital Media 
  3. M.Phil. Media and Communication 
  4. MS Film and Digital Media.  
  5. PhD Media and Communication 

BS Media and Communication Studies 

BS Media and Communication Studies is a four-year degree programme to prepare students for the media industry. In addition to the regular education of the students of BS media and communication studies, our students also get extended exposure with extended lectures, seminars, and workshop sessions with various media personalities over time.  

 The curriculum for the programme is available for consideration. Internships and projects are also part of this professional degree. You can also check the eligibility criteria for spring admissions 2024.  

BS Film, TV and Digital Media 

If you are anyone who has an interest in storytelling. Then, BS Film, TV and Digital Media is a quad-year programme offering you to learn visual storytelling. There are scientific and historically known facts about the effectiveness of storytelling.  

The students can get ample exposure to integrate intensive professional training in new media with a comprehensive combination of creative communication, aesthetics, design, animation, and films. 

The programme details will explain the learning plan. Furthermore, you can join us for UCP spring admissions 2024 for this variation in the Media and Mass Communication industry.  

Media and Mass Communication Admission 2024

M.Phil. Media and Communication 

UCP is aware of the importance of research in any field. The same applies to the Media and Mass Communication. Therefore, thesis-based M.Phil. Media and Communication is available on our programme list.  

MPhil. Media and Communication produces high-quality researchers and media professionals. Research is the only gateway to enrich and improve communication relationships that exist between media institutions and targeted audience groups in the long run.  

Check out the programme details here.  

MS Film and Digital Media 

UCP proudly offers the MS in Film and Digital Media to Pakistan’s students under FOMM. The 2-year program offers a rich opportunity to learn various skills for cinematic storytelling skills with professional-level media products.  

You can study the study plan with credit hours, eligibility criteria and other details about admissions in MS Film and Digital Media.  

PhD Media and Communication 

University of Central Punjab (UCP) also brings a chance to pursue a doctoral degree in Media and Communication. We call it PhD. Media and Communication. The programme details are available for your kind consideration. There are certain requirements for the completion of the degree, available in the link shared above.  

As far as the subjects are concerned, our students will have a chance to excel in research debates, tools and skills of social research, with research practicum and the role of media in politics and electoral reporting.  

Once you are done with the PhD in media and communication, there are certain career paths available to take the lead. Some of them are explained below.  

  1. You can join Academia. 
  2. Also, can play your role as a scientific consultant or researcher.  
  3. Ad being the data analyst you can do the data anticipations to understand the latest trends for optimised performance.  

Apply for Spring 2024 

UCP’s Spring Admissions 2024 are on the roll. You can join any of the above-mentioned programmes as per the admission criteria mentioned on the relevant programme pages. You can apply Online through the UCP Admission portal.  

Final Words 

This era represents the digital age. Everything from print to digital is passing through the 5th-gen developments. It is high time to learn the basics of media and mass communication to handle the present and to get into the future advancements learned. Hence, professional degrees like BS, MS, Phil and PhD are available at UCP Spring Admissions 2024. Register today and take the lead.