Learn About the Need-Based Scholarships at UCP

Learn About the Need-Based Scholarships at UCP


University of Central Punjab (UCP) offers complete support to the deserving students of our degree programmes. We are happy to announce that in 2023, we are offering scholarships worth 830 million PKR. However, we provide scholarships in nine classifications. This article aims to discuss Need-Based scholarships. You can get through it to learn more about UCP need-based scholarships 2023.  

What is the Need-Based Scholarship at UCP? 

There are nine forms of scholarships offered at UCP across various degree programmes. The need-based scholarship is one of the most crucial types of support. We subdivide the need-based scholarships into two types. The options are available for the deserving students of the undergraduate level of education. Details are available in the text below.  

  1. Financial Need Scholarship 
  2. Scholarship for Students with Deceased Guardian or Parent (SSDP) 

Learn About the Need Based Scholarships at UCP

Financial Need Scholarship  

With a financial need scholarship, UCP aims to support deserving students to continue their advanced education without any difficulty regarding their socio-economic status and monetary problems. It is important to note that this scholarship only applies to undergraduate programmes. Furthermore, the undergraduate financial assistance scholarship will work on the following points. 

  • Partial to full tuition fee expenses for BS programmes.  
  • The Financial Assistance Programme is not available for ADP Programmes.  
  • The scholarship award depends upon the decision of an independent committee. Continuation of a good CGPA is one of the prerequisites for the same.  

Application Procedure for Financial Need Scholarship 

The application process to avail of the financial need-based scholarship is simple and has only a couple of steps to follow. The UCP need-based scholarship 2023 procedure is available below.  

  1. Students who want to be considered for need-based scholarships must complete the form available in the registrar’s office.
  2. A month before the deadline, applicants for need-based scholarships must submit their applications.


  • At the time of admission, the scholarship shall be awarded for the first year (or semester) of the degree programme.  
  • For further continuance, maintenance of the required CGPA is mandatory.  
  • A 3.0 CGPA is the bare minimum requirement for a financial need scholarship.  
  • The ratio of the scholarship award may range from 25% to 100%.  

Scholarships for Students with Deceased Guardian or Parent (SSDP) 

The death of the single bread earner is the most shaking incident in any family. It often results in a financial crunch and a halt in all financial activities. Even it becomes difficult to meet day-to-day expenses. It does not end here; many children leave their education because no one can provide them with the academic expenses.   

UCP firmly believes that nothing must come between the smooth process of education. Educated youth is the future of Pakistan. Therefore, we offer our helping hand and strong support to the students who are enrolled in any undergraduate programme at UCP, and this unfortunate event takes place in to bring their lives upside down.  

  • Up to fifty per cent (50%) of the tuition fee would be waived. 
  • It is also important for students who are already enrolled in any degree programme to stand eligible for this assistance.  

Application Process for (SSDP) 

To be considered for the scholarship, the student must submit the following paperwork to the committee: 

  1. The need-based application form, which can be obtained from the registrar’s office 
  2. Certificate of Family Registration  
  3. A death certificate.  

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit UCP’s scholarship policy.   

Fall Admissions 2023 are Open 

University of the Punjab (UCP) is accepting applications for various degree programmes under the fall admissions 2023. You can apply through the online portal today. Don’t miss a chance and enrol in your dream academic line to become the professional of tomorrow.  

Final Word 

UCP Need-based scholarships 2023 are available for undergraduate students at the University of Central Punjab. Fall Admissions 2023 are open and soon to end. It is important to apply and forward your applications for the best learning experience without a problem of financial crunch or socio-economic illusions.