Study BS Psychology in Lahore at UCP:Spring’24 Intake

Study BS Psychology in Lahore at UCP:Spring’24 Intake

BS Psychology is one of the most popular programmes at the University of Central Punjab (UCP) under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are offered. Hence, you can study BS Psychology in Lahore. Furthermore, this blog post lets you learn more about the BS Psychology subjects and admission criteria.  

BS Psychology in Lahore at UCP 

Have you ever wondered why your friend behaved weirdly on that birthday? Or do you intuitionally know the reason behind someone’s anger? If this is the case with you, you can get very well in the field of psychology.  

Psychology is a broad study of human behaviour. The subsets of psychology are all the what ifs, its, buts, what, and why of any behavioural pattern. University of Central Punjab (UCP) offers a four-year (4 years) undergraduate program for Psychology as BS Psychology in Lahore in our Spring 2024 intake.  

The criteria to apply for this degree can be seen here. It requires 45% or 2nd division in intermediate with test requirements.  

BS Psychology Subjects Details 

Let’s dive into the content of this long bachelor’s degree in psychology. This programme is semester-based and subdivided into eight (8) different semesters. You will get a golden opportunity to study a comprehensive range of subjects linked and related to psychology in one way or ananother.  

You will study some general, foundation, major, and elective courses with other requirements.  

If we talk more about BS Psychology subjects, you can get a chance with  

  • Experimental Psychology,  
  • Social Psychology,  
  • Positive Psychology, and  
  • Mental Health & Psychopathology with many others.  

Scope of Professional Growth after BS Psychology 

Completing your BS Psychology will open doors to various entry lines in Psychology. You can join the sub-field as per your interest and job outlook. In the following, you will get some available options to start a professional career after a BS psychology.  

  1. You can join any of the educational institutions as a professional psychologist.  
  2. Also, many government bodies look for educated psychologists in various capacities.  
  3. Healthcare departments on public and private levels also remain open for multiple opportunities for psychologists.  
  4. In addition, you can also initiate your own career as an independent psychologist. However, you will need specific licenses for practice.

    why study BS Psychology in Lahore?

Furthermore, you can also pursue an MS degree in Psychology. Also, professional growth is even more expandable with a few years of experience. Therefore, studying a BS Psychology in Lahore could be a great idea to start.  

BS Psychology: UCP Spring Admissions 2024 

University of Central Punjab (UCP) has opened the Spring Admissions 2024. You can process online applications for admissions in 2024. The admission portal is available. You can click here to fill out the form.  


Please remember to provide accurate information while filling out the admission application. You will also have to appear in the test to secure your admission 2024. You can get more details from our website.  

Societies & Clubs at UCP 

Furthermore, UCP offers students a versatile, open, and adaptable learning environment. There are 64 societies and clubs working at UCP. So, you can join any of them as per your hobbies and interests while pursuing a BS Psychology in Lahore.  

Scholarships & Financial Assistance  

In addition, we at UCP also believe in and support the students who take their studies seriously. No matter what, a financial hurdle must not be a reason for students to quit their education. Last year, scholarships and financial assistance worth Rs. 830 million were distributed to the students. 

In Spring 2024 admissions, we are again offering scholarships. Details can be seen here.  

Apply Online for UCP Spring 2024 Admissions 

The online link for UCP Spring Admissions 2024 is available here

What’s Next After BS Psychology in 2024? 

Just in case you still wonder what options would be available to you once you complete BS Psychology from UCP you can explore the MS Clinical Psychology from here and possible career opportunities here 

Final Take on BS in Psychology 

Pursuing BS Psychology in Lahore is your gateway to the rich world of psychology and human behaviour. You can take your knowledge and skills to the next level with a four-year degree in psychology from a reputed university, Lahore-UCP. There are further options available for study and professional outlooks. You can join us with confidence.!