Types of University Students

Types of University Students

The growing up age is an amazing time in everyone’s life. Stepping into adulthood and not really knowing yourself and exploring your own personality is a remarkable phase of life. It is a carefree age where you want to work at your own pace and understand things only by your own understanding. In a university there are different types of university students that come together to study. Read ahead to enjoy various personalities.


  1. The Overachievers:

They are the kind of students who want to score the highest and dream about the best college especially when other students are dreaming of a crush or an upcoming movie. They are very good students and move ahead of the teachers, asking for questions from topics that still need to be read.
Such are the students that remain excited about every new topic and lecture and like to be in the classroom lime light. They always have questions or comments and can become a menace for those who are seeking chance to make a name of their own and hardly get a chance to speak because of these quick responders. They make a point to be early in classroom before anyone else arrives to secure the best seat for themselves. They like to do their assignments and projects on their own and neither do they depend on any one nor they help. They are thorough and detail-oriented in their work.

  1. The Underachiever

These are the kinds of students who arrive at university for tea at cafeteria and basking in sun in winters. They are least interested in grades but attracted towards all other activities other than classrooms. They seem clueless about what they have been put in college for, even the instructors are unable to understand what’s going on with these students. They find it hard to concentrate on the lectures, and can come up with the most unrelated questions. The most enthusiastic kind of teachers can put them to work and manage to shift their attention towards books. These students can actually excel in their work but cannot work in the classroom environment.

  1. The Class Clown

There is always a student who has a witty nature and can crack a joke on even the most serious discussion topics. One of this kind is found in every classroom for the relief of others. Dry subjects can pull everyone down and is tiring even for the instructors, but such students can cheer everyone up and lighten the mood. Undoubtedly, they are appreciated by all. They do not require any encouragement to speak up, rather they would just add something as it occurs in their mind, which can land serious topics into hilarious ones. Sometimes their jokes are funny and sometimes not, but they are always up to entertaining the people around. Although these students are a serious distraction, yet, even teachers enjoy their presence due to their humor.

  1. The Teacher’s Pet

These are the kind of students who want to answer every question whether correct or not. They would be the first hand up out of the whole class and extremely enthusiastic even in the most painful lecture. They are very encouraging for the teacher but nuisance for the other crowd. They have a joke ready for every occasion and make sure to laugh on teacher’s jokes no matter how flat they are. They can cheer-up or butter-up the teacher whenever required and have cards or flowers ready for even minor occasions. They are the apple of the teacher’s eye especially when it comes to special tasks like watching class, collecting tests and all the other secondary tasks that need volunteers.

  1. The Hard worker

These students are enthusiastic and motivated. They have their set goals and want to achieve them. They may not be the smartest but they are always found working. When rest of the students are busy gossiping, the hardworking lot is found writing notes or reading the next topic. These students will stay clear of all the fun going around them. Their best friends are books and that is what they prefer over all the living souls around them. Their lives revolve around their courses and the teachers. They are always trying their best to get what they want and are appreciated for their struggle towards their objective.

  1. The Heartthrob

These are the celebrities, the famous ones, loved by all, starting from the teachers to students and even the custodial staff. Singers, players and all-rounders, all lie in this category. Many of them are just in the struggle to make people around them happy. They are found in with groups of other students gathered around them with a lot of fan following at college, this could include some haters as well. But generally they are liked by every soul and every student may want to be friends with them. They have attractive personalities and are able to touch every ones heart.

  1. The Artist

Blessing to every class is an artist who can visually express the feelings of all the fellow student on the notice board or nowadays the text message. Their creativity and inspiration rules their study pattern. They easily learn from graphs, charts and diagrams and can express themselves in the same manner. Their talent can lighten and colour up any notice or flyer. Their world is full of ideas and their way of thinking is unique, which they can happily convey in colours or patterns. Their notes are appreciated by teachers for being pictorial and colourful.

  1. The Whiner

One in every university is the grouch kind who is mad about something going on, which usually no one knows what and why. Generally in a class it would be the female student who is upset about that one mark that she lost against a classmate. It could also be the lot who is unhappy about the new teacher who is not so well adjusted with the class yet. They just need to whine, they can find the least of the faults in academics, friends, faculty, system and what not and are extremely good at blowing them up to become the center of attention by the classmates and faculty equally.