UCP Triumph: Celebrating the IPEX 2023 Success

UCP Triumph: Celebrating the IPEX 2023 Success

UCP at IPEX 2023

The Faculty of Science and Technology (FOST) is one of the most versatile faculties of the University of Central Punjab (UCP). FOST offers the highest number of degree programmes in the UCP. Furthermore, the faculty of science and technology brings the highest number of research publications with an above-the-mark impact factor of 300. This blog post celebrates the success of UCP students at IPEX 2023. It also includes insights into the versatile faculty of science and technology (FOST).  

Faculty of Science and Technology (FOST) at UCP  

The University of Central Punjab (UCP) has various dynamic faculties. However, if anyone would ask about the university’s most extensive and comprehensive faculty, we would discuss the most prominent faculty with seven (7) disciplines. – Faculty of Science and Technology (FOST).   

FOST offers mathematics, physics, basic and applied chemistry, zoology, food science and technology, microbiology, and biotechnology under its cap. To cater to the specific needs of all these departments, the faculty is standing firm with the ideal inclusion of more than 54 PhD Scholars in its academia.   

Further details and learning opportunities at FOST are explored in the text below. 


Facilities and Amenities at FOST  

 UCP is particularly proud of the development and gigantic presence of its Faculty of Science and Technology (FOST). Some of the most encouraging and alluring facilities are offered to our students to provide them with the support that helps them become top in the field of science and technology.   

World-Class Faculty  

Leading scientists and innovators in the field come from the Faculty of Science & Technology. FOST guarantees excellence in teaching, research, high-quality education, and training for our students so they can succeed and be experts in their respective fields in the regional and worldwide arena. FOST has more than 54 PhD scholars in its faculty staff.   

State-of-the-Art Laboratories  

Science and technology are complete with combining theory and practice, especially if education and professional education are concerned. This belief is deeply instilled in the Faculty of Science and Technology (FOST). Therefore, the FOST is well-equipped with the latest technology and laboratories. For instance, there are nine (9) designated labs for the students of FOST students.   

Research Opportunities  

 We are delighted that FOST is the home to many leading researchers. Furthermore, we have made our place in the field of research and development. Maintaining a routine to publish more than 200 research papers in HEC-recognised and valued research journals annually, FOST has embossed its ever-lasting marks in the field of research.   

Inter-Disciplinary Approach  

 With extensive experience in research, our faculty also has an in-depth and interdisciplinary approach that helps our students explore the vast opportunities for research purposes. Our students are highly encouraged and engaged in the field and theoretical work in interlinked disciplines of mathematics, physics and life sciences.   

Industry Connections  

Over the period of considerable time since its inception, the FOST has successfully developed valued and vast industry connections. Our students are openly welcomed and broadly accepted in the national and international industry.   

 All our seven departments offer detailed exposure to knowledge and skill development. Therefore, PAEC, KRL, SUPARCO, PCSIR LABS, SKMCH, and INMOL are a few institutions. Furthermore, we also put regular efforts to improve and enhance the academia-industry relations and links.   

360-Degree Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  

 At FOST, we aim to increase our students’ knowledge of the cosmos on all fronts and address their curiosity about the larger scientific problems of the present and future. Whether you want to be a scientist, educator, doctor, biochemist, or business owner, a science and technology education will help you achieve your goals.  

 Therefore, this enables the creation of a complete and comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem. The FOST enriches the students with a combination of hard and soft skills to do jobs and start businesses if they are interested.   

 Furthermore, our students are widely engaged and serving throughout the industries nationally and internationally, which displays the ratio of acceptance in the industry.  

Financial Support System  

 In addition to all these benefits, like all students of UCP, the students enrolled in any of the seven departments of the faculty of science and technology (FOST) also enjoy the various financial options on numerous levels per their merit, need, and talent. The details of multiple scholarships are available on the website. 

 Participation in Events  

 Personality grooming and skill development are prominent efforts and focal points at FOST. Therefore, we encourage our students to participate in various national and international competitions.   

 IPEX is one such unique and big science conference. It was abbreviated from International Poultry Expo 2023- (IPEX2023). The University of Central Punjab (UCP) students also participated in the 2023 session, which was held from September 21-23, 2023, in the Lahore Expo under the auspices of Pakistan Poultry Association.   

UCP @IPEX 2023  

 Under the direction of Ms Samia Tahir, our talented students Ashley and Muhammad Awab from the Department of Food Science and Technology took second place in the IPEX 2023 Quiz Competition. They did a fantastic job representing the Faculty of Science and Technology in a tough competition that included thirty universities.   

 Alongside two esteemed public universities, ARID and BZU, UCP proudly stood as the ONLY private sector university from Lahore to acquire this accolade. Finally, Ashley and Muhammad Awab received Electric Bicycles, each valued at Rs. 85,000, further contributing to their achievements.  


Summing Up   

The Faculty of Science and Technology (FOST) offers the highest number of researchers and graduates among other faculties at the University of Central Punjab (UCP). Our students are well-versed and well-prepared for national and international opportunities. Similarly, they embark on their talent in reputed events. One example is that they have settled recently at IPEX2023 after successfully securing second position in the nerve-racking quiz competition. We want to congratulate our brilliant students and wish them luck.