What Factors Make BS Accounting & Finance a Promising Field to Pursue?

What Factors Make BS Accounting & Finance a Promising Field to Pursue?


The BS Accounting and Finance is a highly specialized degree that prepares graduates to work in the fields of accounting and finance. The students will learn the fundamental concepts and practical techniques required to assess accounting, finance, and business challenges.  

In addition, during your bachelor’s in accounting and finance, you will also learn the best methods for presenting and analyzing financial data to support marketing decisions. The degree offers specialization in either accounting or finance. 

What are Accounting and Finance? 

If we put it simply, accounting and finance integrate financial ideas with management and business principles. They cover a variety of institutional and organizational reporting, computation, and evaluation processes. 

Purpose of BS Accounting and Finance Program 

The goal of the BS Accounting and Finance program is to provide students with a strong foundation in accounting and finance. In addition, the course aims to deliver the vital soft skills needed for success in today’s business environment. These include: 

  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Computer techniques 
  • Business communication 

By choosing this degree, you will better understand the legal and regulatory framework in which businesses and accountants must operate. You will be able to recognize, assess, and offer rational solutions to ethical dilemmas.  

Additionally, you will gain knowledge of the ideas and procedures required to secure, verify, and attest to the accuracy and dependability of financial data. You will also learn about the financial system, organizations, and tools that are used in the exchange of money between people, businesses, and governments.  

Key Reasons to Study BS Accounting and Finance 

There are numerous reasons to study accounting and finance at university. It ranges from the highly transferrable skills you will get to the professional opportunities it provides. Here are the top reasons for studying BS accounting and finance: 

1. Flexible Career Path 

You will have a wide range of professional options after earning a degree in accounting and finance from university. You have the option of pursuing a career as a chartered accountant, stockbroker, or forensic accountant. 

In addition, you can also take a completely other path and use your education to work as a business development manager, data analyst, or mortgage advisor. 

Following are the career opportunities for you with a bachelor’s in finance and accounting: 

  • Chartered accountant 
  • Chartered management accountant 
  • Chartered public finance accountant 
  • Company Secretary 
  • External auditor 
  • Forensic accountant 
  • Stockbroker 

And the following are the jobs where your accounting and finance degree would prove valuable to you. these include: 

  • Actuary 
  • Arbitrator 
  • Business development manager 
  • Data analyst 
  • Economist 
  • Licensed conveyancer 
  • Management consultant 
  • Mortgage adviser 
  • Procurement manager 
  • Retail banker 
  • Tax adviser 

2. High Earning Opportunities 

Accounting and finance majors have the opportunity to earn high-paying salaries depending on their professional path. You can anticipate an average salary of PKR 97,500 per month if you decide to pursue a career as a public or private accountant. 

Furthermore, you can hope to make up to PKR 233,000 per month with more experience and the necessary certifications.  

3. All Industries require Accountants 

If you decide to pursue a career in accounting or finance, you will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary to work in a field that is always in demand. Accounting and finance experts are needed by businesses in all sectors to handle their finances. 

Additionally, the financial world is always changing. Therefore, accountants and financial experts must keep up. Apart from this, money is not going away, and there will always be a requirement for qualified financial experts. 

In addition, because there is a high need for graduates in accounting and finance, your job security will be excellent 

4. Transferable Skills 

With a degree in accounting and finance, you will develop a lot of transferable skills. These skills will improve your resume and make you an ideal candidate for a broad range of jobs. 

Along with this, you will acquire strong quantitative and numerical skills and excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities. Similarly, you will gain knowledge of some abilities that are frequently in great demand by employers, such as: 

  • Communication 
  • Organizational skills and time management 
  • Business organization knowledge and awareness 
  • Capability to discuss and negotiate 

What Subjects You Will Be Studying in BS Accounting and Finance? 

At the University of Central Punjab, the course in accounting and finance is structured in a way that will train you for the market and improve your interpersonal and professional skills.  

Furthermore, the BS accounting and finance courses’ syllabus will enable you to complete both the BS (Hons) degree and the ACCA (UK) exams within four years. As a result, you will have the chance to graduate and obtain a professional degree at the end of this period. 

The following are the subjects you will be studying in accounting and finance program at UCP: 

  • Business Statistics 
  • Taxation Management 
  • Business Communication 
  • Audit & Assurance 
  • Business Analysis 
  • Financial Management 
  • Financial Reporting 
  • Advanced Performance Management 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Enroll at UCP Now! 

UCP offers the best course in accounting and finance, you can enroll yourself here and benefit from our highly qualified faculty and advanced teaching methodologies.  

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