Why Should You Choose BS Media and Communication Studies

Why Should You Choose BS Media and Communication Studies

Why Should You Choose BS Media and Communication Studies

If you are interested in the world of media, from the news to social media and everything in between, consider studying BS media and communication studies 

A media studies degree examines how media, such as print, film, television, and digital media, affect our society. You will see why communication and media studies are a very contemporary and fascinating subject. You will analyze the role that media plays in our daily lives, particularly new media via social media influencers.  

If you choose to study media and communication, you will focus on effective communication in social, professional, business, and intercultural contexts. 

Top 7 Reasons to Study BS Media and Communication Studies 

I am explaining the top 7 reasons you should opt for this degree in your bachelor’s or pursue it as a career.  

1. Practical Exposure 

This course assists the student in exploring the world from the new perspective of a journalist or filmmaker and covering a variety of events and stories. Additionally, it allows the student the liberty to exercise all of their creative capabilities. There is no fixed manner of working in this field, which allows students to experiment and develop their style. 

2. Art and Creativity 

This course assists students in developing their skills in thinking on their feet, solving issues, quickly settling conflicts, working in a team, and public speaking. 

3. Fun and Learning Altogether 

BS media and communication studies students learn and have fun together. You will consistently get engaged in interesting discussions and arguments in class. This will lead you to develop personality and interpersonal skills. 

4. Travel  

In terms of learning, the department of mass communication is great. In this field, it is not necessary that learning only takes place in class. Wherever you enroll, you will be on the road, not just to explore new locations but also to learn new things. You will have projects at different locations, so, you will get the opportunity to travel.  

5. A Good Social Life 

The field of media and communication mainly focuses on the development of civilization. In Pakistan, mass media communication is one of the main aspects which has enormous influence over the nation’s culture and politics. So, when you study this course, you will have a good social life as you will meet new people and socialize with them.  

6. Multicultural Environment 

The high level of education in the University of Central Punjab’s BS media and communication studies program draws a large number of students from different areas. So, you will get the chance to develop a different perspective of the world by studying alongside these students who have a wide range of different perspectives.  

7. Multiple Career Options 

You will succeed professionally by studying media and communication. Employers value the following skills: 

  • Good oral and written communication skills 
  • As well as the ability to work effectively with people 
  • Manage their image 
  • And conduct research 
  • Analysis 
  • Problem-solving  

And you will acquire these abilities by studying at UCP. However, once you are certain of your primary area of interest in mass media, you can apply for internships at publications like: 

  • Newspapers 
  • Magazines  
  • Radio stations 
  • Production companies 
  • Public relations businesses 

From there, you can start a career in the field. You may progress substantially in this profession if you have a wide range of abilities and knowledge. The following are the career prospects of BS Media and Communication: 

1. Advertising 

You can work as an advertiser. You will develop and convey messages to advertise and promote products and services. 

2. Business Communication 

With  BS media and communication, you can work with firms to promote their interests and products. 

3. Professional Lobbying 

Graduates can work as lobbyists. You will persuade policymakers to pass legislation that will benefit your company. 

4. Speech Writing 

You can get a job as a speechwriter for large corporations, well-known personalities, or governmental institutions. 

5. Customer Service Representative 

You can work as a customer representative and find jobs in the non-profit and business sectors, interacting with the public and interacting with clients. 

6. Journalism 

Get this degree and work as a reporter who gathers information. Journalists, editors, authors, visual journalists, photojournalists, and columnists are common types of journalists. 

7. Mass Media Companies 

A media studies degree will allow you to find work in mass media organizations such as television, radio, music, cinema, and print. 

8. Public Relations 

With this degree, you can work as public relations professional and manage your employer’s reputation. 

9. Marketing 

You can pursue marketing occupations such as marketing manager, product manager, sales manager, advertising manager, and public relations specialist. 

10. Sales 

You can also work in sales and combine your talents in marketing and advertising to persuade clients to buy goods and services. 

Get Your BS Media and Communication Degree from UCP 

UCP does not only offer an extensive course in BS Media and Communication degree but also has a highly qualified faculty that will be teaching you. So, you will learn from the best in town. In addition, you will gain practical exposure to excel in your field.