Differential analysis of fluid flow, Fluid element kinematics, Conservation of mass and momentum, Inviscid flow, Euler’s Equations of Motion, The Bernoulli Equation, The Bernoulli Equation for irrational flow, The Velocity Potential, Superposition of Basic, Plane Potential, Flows Other aspects of potential flows, Viscous flow, Some simple solutions for viscous incompressible fluids, Numerical problems related to Chapter VI, Viscous flow in pipes, General characteristics of pipe flow, Fully developed laminar flows, Dimensional analysis of pipe flow, Fully developed turbulent flows, Pipe flow examples, pipe flow rate measurements, Numerical problems related to Chapter VIII, Flow over immersed bodies, General external flow characteristics, Boundary layer characteristics, Boundary layer characteristics, Drag and Lift, Numerical problems related to Chapter IX, Compressible flow, Introduction to compressible flow, Analogy between compressible and open channel flow, Turbomachines, Introduction, Basic energy conservation, Basic angular momentum considerations. Centrifugal pumps, Dimensionless Parameters and Similarity Laws, Numerical problems related to Centrifugal pumps, Axial-Flow and Mixed-Flow Pumps and Fans, Impulse Turbines (Pelton), Numerical problems related to Pelton Turbine, Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine, Numerical problems related to Francis and Kaplan turbines, Introduction to CFD, Introduction, Discretization, Grids, Boundary conditions, Methodology, Numerical problems related to CFD.