PhD Mechanical Engineering

The program will educate, train and mentor scholars with curious and investigative minds to learn advance concepts, techniques and methodologies through courses and especially practical research work and mentoring. The knowledge and research skills thus gained can open a multitude of opportunities in academia, industry and research organizations both locally and internationally. A trained PhD scholar has multitude of opportunities where he can apply his expertise to solve applied research problems. Teaching and research sectors are the main markets that employs PhD degree holders apart from public sector research and development organizations that require the skillset of a PhD to solve complex problems related of national interest. It will be pertinent to mention here that PhD is a path adopted by a few individuals especially in engineering and qualified PhDs in the field of mechanical engineering are in limited supply. Therefore, there is good market potential for a degree holder and in future, it is expected that the demand of PhD graduates will increase both at the national and international level. As an example, the recent accreditation visits to various universities across Pakistan has identified lack of PhD faculty and recommended hiring of PhD faculty. The vision of HEC of 100% PhD qualified faculty in university will also increase employability of PhD graduates.

In addition, there is growing need to integrate and employ more PhDs in local industry to boost the innovation, technology and quality of local manufacturing industry. This might create opportunities in the near future as the race for technology adaptation and upgradation will require advance knowledge with an innate research aspect to compete in the global market.


A student has to fulfill the residency requirement of at least 02 years at the university. The timeline of various milestones is defined in the table given below.

  • Activity Preferred Time Limit (by the end of) Maximum time Limit (by the end of)
  • Course Work2nd Semester3rd Semester
  • Comprehensive Exam3rd Semester5th Semester
  • Synopsis Qualification4th Semester6th Semester
  • Thesis Submission7th Semester6th Semester

A PhD scholar shall cease to continue his/her studies if he/she fails to complete 18 Cr. Hrs. coursework within four regular semesters with at least 3.00/4.00 CGPA.

The PhD degree shall be awarded after a minimum of three (3) years and not more than eight (8) years after the enrolment of the student; provided that for students who are unable to complete the program within eight (8) years, the university may designate a competent authority to determine whether the delay was caused by circumstances beyond the student’s control, and if so, grant an extension in such exceptional circumstances; however, in no event shall the PhD degree be awarded more than ten (10) years after the enrolment of the student in the program. The date of notification of the award of the PhD degree subsequent to the PhD defense shall be considered to be the date of the completion of PhD studies.

Road Map

Curriculum and semester-wise breakup

A student enrolled in Ph.D. (Mechanical engineering) has to complete 06 courses in consultation with his supervisor and program coordinator. A semester-wise breakdown for completion of PhD degree in 03 years is given below. A PhD candidate will be allowed to register in maximum three courses in one semester. A PhD scholar will not be allowed to register in a course which he has studied during his mater degree. In case of those students who have previously completed a graduate degree in the same discipline (MS/MPhil or equivalent), the university shall notify a policy (which may vary by discipline) with objective criteria allowing such students to receive credit for prior coursework for not more than 50% of the total credit requirement of the program.

  • Year 1, 1st Semester (09 Cr. Hrs.)

    Sr. No. Courses Credit Hours
  • iME5013 Research Methodology (Core)03
  • iiME6233 Welding and Joining Processes03
  • iiiME6903 Data Modelling and Machine Learning03
  • ivME6733 Gas Dynamics03
  • Total12
  • Year 1, 2nd Semester (09 Cr. Hrs.)

    Sr. No. Courses Credit Hours
  • iCourse -IV03
  • iiCourse – V03
  • iiiCourse – VI03
  • Total09

  • Year 2, 3rd Semester (06 Cr. Hrs.)

    Sr. No. Courses Credit Hours
  • iResearch Thesis06
  • iiComprehensive Exam00
  • iiiSynopsis defense00
  • Total06
  • Year 2, 4th -Last Semester (30 Cr. Hrs.)

    Sr. No. Courses Credit Hours
  • iResearch Thesis30
  • Total30

A PhD student will have to choose six courses from the following courses after consultation with his thesis supervisor and approval of HoD. If considered necessary by the thesis supervisor and approved by the dean, a PhD candidate might complete not more than 02 courses from another department of the Faculty of Engineering or another faculty of the UCP.

  • Sr. No. Course Title Code Cr. Hrs
  • 1Design Optimization and Analysis TechniquesME701303
  • 2Project ManagementME702303
  • 3Experimental measurements and data analysisME781303
  • 4System Dynamics and ControlsME781303
  • 5Robotics and Parallel MechanismsME782303
  • 6Turbulence ModellingME 771303
  • 7Transport Processes in Energy SystemsME772303
  • 8Welding & Non-destructive TestingME783303
  • 9Advanced Power Plant SystemsME741303
  • 10Hydrogen and Fuel Cell EngineeringME743303
  • 11Combustion and EnvironmentME742303
  • 12Materials for High Temperature ApplicationsME784303

List of MSc courses that a PhD candidate can enrol if he has not already studied during his MSc studies is given in the table below:

  • Sr. No. Course Title Code Cr. Hrs
  • 1Modeling and SimulationME501303
  • 2Research MethodologyFE502303
  • 3Welding and Joining processesME623303
  • 4Mechanics of Fracture and FatigueME521303
  • 5Advanced Mechanical VibrationsME622303
  • 6Advanced Stress AnalysisME624303
  • 7Theory of Plates and ShellsME625303
  • 8Engineering PlasticityME627303
  • 9Mechanics of Composite Materials ME628303
  • 10Automotive PowertrainsME541303
  • 11Advanced Thermodynamics ME542303
  • 12Advanced Thermodynamics ME542303
  • 13Renewable Energy SystemsME643303
  • 14Solar Energy Utilization ME644303
  • 15Energy Systems ME647303
  • 16Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer ME651303
  • 17Advanced Thermodynamics ME671303
  • 18Aerodynamics ME672303
  • 19Gas DynamicsME673303
  • 20Robotics and ControlME682303
  • 21Quality Engineering and Management ME685303
  • 22Selected topics in Mechanical EngineeringME6903-699303
  • 23Research ThesisME7916-795606
  • 24Thesis Continuation ME797100

Admission Criteria

To apply for PhD Civil Engineering, a candidate must have at least 3.00/4.00 CGPA in MS or equivalent degree in Civil Engineering. All applicants are required to pass UCP Admission Test and Interview.


Fee Structure

PhD Mechanical Engineering

  • Sr. No. COURSE NAME Per Credit Hour Fee Admission Fee Total Credit Hours Degree Fee
  • 1PhD Mechanical Engineering 8,700 25,000484,42,600

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