The objective of the course is to teach them basic manipulations on complex numbers also enable them to identify the singular points of an analytic function with the construction of series and explaining usefulness of Laurent series in the computation of line integrals. Another main objective of the course is to teach them to apply Laplace, Fourier and Z transformations and solve various engineering problems using transforms.

Text book:

  1. “Advanced Engineering Mathematics” by E.  Kreyszig , 10th Edition.
  2. “Advanced Engineering Mathematics” by D.G. Zill & W.S. Wright , 5th Edition.
  3. “A first course in Complex Analysis with applications” by D. G. Zill

Reference Books:

  1. “Complex Variables and Application” by J.W. Brown and R.V. Churchill. 7th Edition
  2. “Fundamentals of Complex Analysis with Applications to Engineering, Science, and Mathematics” (3rd Edition) by Edward B. Saff & Arthur David Snider
  3. “Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering” (International Series in Mathematics) by John H. Mathews and Russell W. Howell
  4. “Engineering Mathematics” by N.P. Bali & Dr. N. Ch. Narayana Iyengar.