Faculty of engineering has been doing active research that has resulted in a number of national and international publications over the last three years. A number of faculty members are working with students and colleagues to develop cutting edge technology and testing new ideas to solve practical research problems. A brief summary of the prominent research projects is presented here.

Area 1: Power Systems Analysis and Operation

Resource Persons

Dr. Tabrez Aslam Shami, Dr. Farooq Aslam, and Dr. Umar T. Shami

Recent Students Involved

Sayed Muhammad Furqan, Fahad Hussain, Saqib Ali, Sarah Aslam

Salient Projects
  • Reengineering of Power System Economic Operation.
  • Distributed System Operation and Intelligent Agents.
  • Biomedical Instruments for Non-Intrusive Diagnosis.

Area 2: Signal Processing, Control, and Embedded Systems

Resource persons

Dr. Sarwar Ehsan, Dr. Ali Nasir, Dr. Musharraf Hanif, Dr. Majid Gulzar, Dr. Zohaib Aftab

Recent Students Involved

Maryam Javed, Madiha Latif, Rida Gillani, Jawad Khalid, Haleema Asif, Irfan Shafqat, Adeel Arif, Arslan Ashraf

Salient Projects
  1. Design and development of octocopter for crop monitoring
  2. Design and development of multi-agent indoor surveillance system
  3. Multi-agent consensus and obstacle avoidance
  4. Life cycle management of lead-acid batteries
  5. Multi-agent building energy management system
  6. Development of a lower-body powered exoskeleton device for the disabled

Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Systems

Resource persons

Dr. Ali Faisal Murtaza

Recent Students

Riaz A. Rana, Huma Rehman,