Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.
William Wordsworth

Welcome to Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at the University of Central Punjab. Our passion is to provide you with an exceptional environment to pursue your studies in a wide variety of programs. Come and join our large, vibrant and diverse community of scholars, students and professionals to achieve your academic and scholastic goals. Being FASS graduates, you can go onto doing astounding things with your degrees by becoming future teachers, bankers, entrepreneurs, economists, psychologists, human rights activists, civil servants, diplomats, writers, journalists, researchers, media personals and more. With specialized and innovative curricula, skill based training, rich exposure to extracurricular activities; we prepare you for life both in and beyond university.

Dr. Fehmida Sultana
PhD (English Literature) TUFTS University, USA

Prof. Dr. Fehmida Sultana

Prof. Dr. Fehmida Sultana

Dean, Faculty Of Languages & Literature