Course Outline

  1. Introduction:
    Experimental design and Monte Carlo method
  2. Consumer Behavior
    Theory of consumer behavior, Models of consumer behavior and Estimation of consumer behavior models
  3. Producer Behavior
    Theory of producer behavior, Models of producer behavior and Estimation of producer behavior models
  4. Market Equilibrium
    Theory of market equilibrium, Identification problem, Models of market equilibrium and Estimation of market equilibrium models
  5. Macroeconomic Models
    General models of macroeconomics, Empirical models of macroeconomics and Estimation of macroeconomic models.
  6. Microeconomic Analysis Using Micro Data
    Qualitative response models and Estimation of Qualitative response models
  7. Microeconomic Analysis Using Panel Data
    Models of panel data and Estimation of panel data models
  8. Macroeconomic Time Series Analysis
    Characteristics of time series, Models of time series and Estimation of time series models

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