MS/M.Phil. Economics

MS/M.Phil. Economics leading to PhD is designed as intensive and rigorous degree program that intends to investigate and discover solutions to national and international economic issues. Two factors contribute to the high quality of research and training of our students: one is strong foundation in basic topics of economics; the other is to create a research-led environment where students work alongside leading researchers to develop the skills required to become professional economists, researchers and analysts. MS/M.Phil. students are required to complete 36 credit hours. During first two semesters, MS/M.Phil. students are expected to complete 24 credit hours (12+12) of course work. In third semester, MPhil students choose two elective courses (6 credit hours) along with a thesis of 6 credit hours, while MS students opt four elective courses of 3 credit hours.

UCP is proud of its competent, qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members. The faculty includes experienced teachers and professionals who blend theory with practice. The teaching environment is highly conducive for research and learning. Students are mentored by the teachers who are avid researchers in their respective areas of interest and regularly publish articles, books and research papers in reputed journals. They also inculcate this culture of research in students to promote their sense of inquiry.

Research Facilities

Special emphasis is laid on engaging the students and the faculty in research. A wellestablished digital library equipped with academic material required for research, access to national and international journals and data are available (Wi-Fi facility is available to the students around the clock on the campus). Free use of the computer labs is also available along with technical assistance. UCP also has an on campus bookstore that provides suggested texts and photocopy facilities to the students.