Career Options for Economists in Pakistan

  1.  Government and Public Sector: Best Suited Education for Government Jobs for its evidence-based policy making dimension. A bunch of public policy and public administration analysts/experts are trained in economics.
  2. Development Sector: Organizations like the United Nations, World Bank and IMF are all international governments run by economists. Undoubtedly the best jobs in the world.
  3. Independent Economic Research and Policy Organizations: For people interested in research, there are many boutique economic research and policy firms that advise the government on key economic issues. These jobs are very lucrative and engaging too.
  4. Media Houses: After politicians’ maybe, economists are the most frequent professionals to be invited as guests on TV shows. Many have gone on to start their own TV shows on business and the economy.
  5. Banks and Financial Institutions: Local and international banks hire economists very readily. Infact most policymakers sitting on top of most banks are practicing economists. These banks include the central banks too like the state bank of Pakistan. Our business economics major enables you to have a secure entry into one of these banks.
  6. Development sector: Consulting organizations working on development projects hire health, education, institutional and development economists who all work on pretty challenging yet rewarding jobs. This allows you to be in a position to positively impact the lives of millions of people living in miserable conditions and under inescapable clutches of poverty in the developing south typically in regions like Africa while also carving a successful career for yourself.
  7. Politics: Many economists have gone on to become successful heads of states and have held senior political positions in governments around the world for their sound understanding of political economy. The last Prime Minster of Canada Stephen Harper for instance was trained in economics.