Course Introduction:

The course aims to develop an understanding of the impact of government policies on resource allocation and equitable distribution of income. Public economics helps to analyze and identify the effect of public policy on various macroeconomic indicators. The course facilitates to develop the economic and social intuition of government expenditures, Taxes and various social security benefits associated with public financing. It helps the understanding of the effects of public policies and enables students to envisage the consequences of these policies even before they are implemented.

Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes:

After studying the course the students will be able to:

  • Understand public economics and efficiency
  • Understand government economic policies
  • Understand taxation system
  • Analyze the role of politics the economy
  • Define and understand the basic public finance variables and their determination
  • Understand the basic determinants of long term economic growth and the relevant policies for acceleration
  • Understand how national policies can interact with the domestic economy
  • Develop an analytical capability to understand short run economic fluctuations and suggest appropriate policies for stabilization


Microeconomics-I and Macroeconomics-I

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