This course is designed to introduce the students with the practicalities of English Language Teaching in the real-time situation. It will provide an opportunity to the class participants to apply their gleaned theoretical and technical knowledge in the practical settings. Thus, they will have a short-period supervised experience to reflect on their teaching philosophy, curriculum development and classroom procedures. The course participants would also observe classroom proceedings, assist some ELT instructor and involve themselves in solo teaching experience.

Course Contents:

    • Methods of Language Teaching
      • Approach, Method and Technique
      • Selected ELT Methods: Grammar-Translation, Direct, Audio- lingual
      • Communicative Language Teaching
      • ELT models for Pakistan
    • Theory and Practice of Teaching Oral Skills
      • Nature of Oral Communication
      • Theory and techniques of teaching listening and speaking
      • Lesson Planning for Teaching Oral Skills
    • Theory and Practice of Teaching Reading Skills
      • Nature of Reading
      • Theories of Reading Interactive and Schema
      • Designing activities for reading skills
      • Lesson Planning for teaching reading
    • Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing Skills
      • Nature of Writing
      • Theories of Writing – Product and Process
      • Lesson Planning for teaching writing
      • Techniques for giving feedback and correcting written work
    • Teaching Language through Literature
      • Teaching language through Drama
      • Teaching language through poetry
      • Teaching language through prose

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