The Department of Politics and International Relations is an emerging discipline of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Central Punjab (UCP). It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in multiple specialties of Political Science and International Relations. Living to its traditions, the UCP hires highly qualified and experienced faculty with the aim to attracting bright scholars and students and to deliver quality education.
The Department is designed to furnish stimulating academic environment for scholars and students in their pursuit of learning. Its goals are to facilitate students to enhancing their knowledge, achieve academic excellence and pursue their educational and professional dreams. The UCP has developed institutional linkages that facilitate to open up wide vista of opportunities for the graduating Alumni.

Program Contents of BS International Relations

The program comprises 132 credit hours in line with HEC and the UCP requirements.

S. No. Name of Courses Abbreviations No. of Courses Total Credit Hours
I Compulsory Courses CC 09 (9 x 3)                   = 27
II Interdisciplinary Courses IDC 09 ( 9  x 3)                   = 27
III Discipline Specific  Courses SC 11 (11 x 3)                   = 33
IV Major Courses MC 11 (11 x 3)                    = 33
V Elective Courses EC 04 (4 x 3)                   = 12
Total Courses 44 Total Credit Hrs = 132