Job Prospects for Psychology

  1. Educational institutions often employ psychologists in positions other than teaching, such as counseling, testing, research, and administration.
  2. The government often employs psychologists as healthcare practitioners to work in public hospitals, clinics and other settings. Those who work in healthcare often work in the offices of mental health practitioners, physicians, outpatient mental health and substance abuse centers, and private hospitals.
  3. After several years of experience, some psychologists, usually those with doctoral degrees, can enter private practice or set up private research or consulting firms.
  4. In addition to the previously mentioned jobs, many psychologists held faculty positions at colleges and universities and as high school psychology teachers.
  5. Psychologists are also employed in a number of other as well. Many psychologists work in research positions in various subfields of psychology. Some additional areas of employment include community service agencies, special schools and positions in industrial-organizational psychology. Psychologists work in business as managers, consultants, and marketing research. Army and police also employ some psychologists.