Course Description

Course is aimed at providing g students with basic understanding of Psychopathologies. It will further provide them understanding about the basic theories of psychiatric disorders and etiological factors of psychopathologies.
At the completion of the course student should be able to show critical evaluation of classification systems of psychodiagnosis, etiological theories and an ability of diagnosis and documentation of assessment.

Course Content:

The course includes Introduction to psychodiagnosis, interview skills, criteria for diagnosing the psychological disorders diagnosed during adulthood (e.g. cognitive disorders, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders); and their specifications like, prevalence, courses, relapse rate which are the basis of Multi Axial diagnoses. Likewise, practical training for psychological assessment tools applicable for adult population (e.g. IQ test, Personality test achievement test) would be given, required for diagnosing psychological disorders during adulthood. The training would include administration, scoring and interpretation of assessment tools. Moreover, Comparison and contrast between Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Use of DSM IV in Diagnosing; Use of ICD-10 in Diagnosing
The course is embedded with clinical placements, so the course must be taken simultaneously with the placement.

Recommended Texts

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