Course Objective:

This course will give knowledge about developmental Psychopathologies diagnosed during childhood and adolescence. This course will further give a comprehensive knowledge of theoretical and applied knowledge about psychopathologies.

Course Content:

The course includes detail study of childhood psychological disorders (e.g. oppositional disorders, conduct disorders, pervasive developmental disorders); and their requirement to fulfil the criteria for multi axial and differential diagnosis. Similarly, practical training for psychological assessment tools (e.g. IQ test, achievement test, personality) would be given, required for diagnosing psychological disorders during childhood and adolescence. The training would include administration, scoring and interpretation of assessment tools.
Over all Psychological assessment is the prerequisite of psychodiagnosis which is the process of administering research-validated clinical tests designed to provide additional information about the psychological functioning and personality characteristics of an individual. Broadly diagnostic tests are categorized generally as like IQ test, Neuropsychological test, objective personality testing, and projective tests. Moreover, after psychological assessment and diagnoses students are required to prepare psychological assessment report or psychodiagnostic report depending on requirement.

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