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5-8 Play cards/Slides regarding department
  1. About department
    • Politics and International Relations is an emerging discipline of the Arts and Social Sciences. The Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Central Punjab (UCP) offers an undergraduate and master programme in the discipline. Following its tradition, UCP hires highly qualified and experienced faculty with the aim to attract bright scholars and students and to deliver quality education.The Department is designed to furnish stimulating academic environment for scholars and students in their pursuit of learning. Its goals are to facilitate students by enhancing their knowledge and achieve academic excellence so they can pursue their educational and professional dreams. The UCP has developed institutional linkages to open up a wide vista of opportunities for the graduating students and Alumni
  2. Mission of department
    • Department in line with in its mission with the UCP: focus on the contemporary courses of Politics and international relations based on theory and research both to empower students with modern, creative and critical thinking and writing skills for them to excel in their future personal and professional life.
  3. 2 most recent news
    • New 1
      • The department of Politics and International Relation, University of Central Punjab (UCP) has organized one day workshop titled “Pakistan’s Water Insecurity: Legal, Political and Technical Aspects” on 28th March (Monday) 2022. Workshop staged by the eminent speakers from diverse background. The list of speakers entails: Lt Gen (R) Muzammil Hussain (Chairman WAPDA); Dr. Hassan Abbas (Hydrologist Expert); Ahmad Rafay Alam (EnvironmentLawyer); Ms. Javaria Qais Joiya (Associate Professor-UCP) and Dr. Usman Askari (Assistant Professor- UCP
    • New 2
      • Mid Term Exams are commencing from 9 May 2022
  4. 2 student testimonies/success stories
    • Namal Zareen (8th Semester) – Dep of Politics and International Relations:
      • UCP gave me a 2nd home at the Department of Politics and International Relations, where I met so many motivated, passionate, and kind individuals who remind me every day why I selected UCP almost 3 years ago. Everyone at UCP, from your classmates to your lecturers, is there to help you achieve your goals. Every day I walk into campus, I am energized by this enthusiasm for the field, and it gives me the courage to pursue a career in politics. Along theoretical studies, the department motivate us for research and practical work as well. Therefore, we landed into the field for internship with the help of our instructors. The period of internship helped me to connect with different people, it also benefited me to expends my network and boost my social skills, to increase my self-confidence. It will be helpful for my job in future. My time at UCP is nearly up, I’m grateful for the decision I made to join UCP, and I know it will always be my home.
    • Muhammad Ali Khan (5thSemester)
      • The thing I like most about UCP is that it provides diversity and one can find people residng from pretty much every culture in order to socialize. In addition to this, the infrastructure is one of its kind and my personal favourite is its library because of its calm environment which helps in academic activities. I’m currently enrolled in International Relations program and the students that I found here are influential and we engage in a healthy environment with time to time debates helping us proceed. The faculty I have been introduced to is quite brilliant considering every one of them is more than qualified to provide us guidance which will be assisting us in our professional lives
A catchy graphics showing
  1. Number of Faculty Members:
    • 16 Faculty Memebers
  2. Numbers of Students enroll
    • 513 Total students enrolled
      • BS                    497 Students
      • Phill.               16 M.Phil.
  3. Scheme of Study
    • (Already available at existing page)


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About the Journal


Review of Regional and Global Affairs is a flagship publication of the Department of Politics and IR, University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore, Pakistan. Published bi-annually, the Journal serves as a nexus between academia and policymakers, with a focus on promoting scholarship with practical application to societal challenges.

Emphasizing original intellectual work with scholarly insight, Review of Regional and Global Affairs aims to publish innovative proposals by providing a platform for researchers, academicians, and students to publish high-quality peer-reviewed papers that are theoretically informed, empirically rich, and methodologically rigorous on topics of contemporary and historical interest to scholars, policymakers and researchers in the field of IR and Political Science.

The Journal follows stringent editorial screening and a double-blind peer-review process. Besides contributions by its own in-house team of researchers, the Journal welcomes submissions from scholars all across the world.

Scope of Journal

Review of Regional and Global Affairs is an open access and peer-reviewed journal published by the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Central Punjab Lahore, Pakistan. It encourages submissions on broad-based and diverse perspectives, from both national and international authors. The Journal encourages submissions that focus on all perspectives and all subjects pertaining to International Relations, Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, Public Policy, Political Economy, Strategic Studies, Climate Change, International Law, Military Strategy, Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Nuclear Studies, and Foreign Policy. The Journal covers all topics in the aforementioned fields and welcomes both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Original, latest and futuristically conceptualized research manuscripts espoused with thoroughness and bearing improvement in already existent mainstream work, is of particular interest.

Publication Frequency

Review of Regional and Global Affairs caters submitted manuscript for publication bi-annually as per the following submission timeline.

  • For Summer Issue (No. 1 June), submission deadline is 1 December – 30 January.
  • For Winter Issue (No.2 December), submission deadline is 1 June- 30 July

Instruction for Authors (Can be attached as PDF file or as it is posted on page)

Basic Criteria

Successful submissions will generally meet four criteria. They will:

Conform to rigorous methodological standards as understood by the intellectual traditions within which they operate.

Establish the significance of their analyses not just to those working on their specific topic, but also to the broader field of International Relations.

Engage with work outside of their immediate area of research and approach to scholarly inquiry.

Specify the theoretical framework used for analysis, reference the necessary literature(s), and spell out the implications of any findings for further research.

Submission Guidelines

  • Manuscripts of research articles – in English only – should be sent in softcopy (Microsoft Word) to the Editor of the Journal (Email:RRGAJournal@ucp.edu.pk)
  • Manuscripts will be accepted for consideration on the understanding that they are original contributions to the existing knowledge in the fields of Political Science, International Relations, Public Policy, Strategic Studies, and Current Affairs etc.
  • Each manuscript should be typed and should carry a margin of an inch and a half on the left-hand side of the typed page. Format that should be followed is: Times New Roman, regular, font size: 12 with 1.5 line spacing.
  • The length of the manuscripts should be 4000−6000 words. All article submissions must include an abstract of 150–200 words and at least 5 keywords.
  • The first page of the manuscript should contain the title of the paper, the name(s) of author(s), and footnote(s) giving the current affiliation of the author(s) and their email addresses.
  • All references must be given in footnotes in the Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition). No submission with any other style of referencing would be processed.
  • For further queries, contact Management teamof the Journal (Email: RRGAJournal@ucp.edu.pk).
  • Footnotes should be numbered consecutively.
  • Tables and figures in the manuscript should be numbered serially and separately. The title of each table should be clearly expressive of the contents. The source of the table should be given immediately below the table or figure.
  • Book Reviews should not exceed 2000 words and should give a description of the contents of the volume and a critical evaluation of the book. Each request for a book review in the Journal must be accompanied by one copy (soft copy/photocopy) of the book concerned
  • Each author will receive a copy of the Journal of Political Science with the compliments of the JPS.
  • The manuscript already submitted elsewhere and under review for publication shall not be submitted.
  • The international standards of research ethics must be followed and ensured by the authors/co-authors.
  • Complete affiliation details of the authors/co-authors shall be provided at the submission stage of the manuscript.


Ethical Guidelines for the Author(s):

The following ethical guidelines are obligatory for all author(s) violation of which may result in application of penalties by the editor, including but not limited to the suspension or revocation of publishing privileges.

Reporting Standards:

  • It is the author(s)’ responsibility to ensure that the research report and data contain adequate detail and references to the sources of information in order to allow others to reproduce the results.
  • Fraudulent or knowingly inaccurate statements constitute unethical behavior and are unacceptable.

Originality and Plagiarism:

  • It is the author(s)’ responsibility to ascertain that s/he has submitted an entirely original work, giving due credit, by virtue of proper citations, to the works and/or words of others where they have been used.
  • Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is not acceptable.
  • Material quoted verbatim from the author(s)’ previously published work or other sources must be placed in quotation marks.
  • As per HEC’s policy, in case the manuscript has a similarity index of more than 19%, it will either be rejected or left at the discretion of the Editorial Board for the purposes of a conditional acceptance.

Journal Website is under Construction – (https://dpir.stagingwebdevelopment.tk/)

Its OJS link and Journal Website link will share later

  1. Departmental Coordinator Information

MS Fatima Arooj

(Program Coordinator, IR Department)

Auditorium Building, First Floor, UCP

1 – Khayaban-e-Jinnah Road, Johar Town, Lahore.

Phone: (Ext: 280)

(+92) 80-000-827 (9:00AM to 5:00PM)

Email: fatimah.urooj@ucp.edu.pk

FB Link:



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