The Faculty of IT (FoIT) has been consistently achieving significant improvements in the quality of both undergraduate and postgraduate education by introducing emerging technologies to increase the breadth and depth of taught courses and research. The efforts have been highly applauded by the professional industry and research communities, thus, encouraging us to plan even more ambitiously for the coming year.

Our state-of-the-art research centers continue to mature while the groundwork for new ones is in process. The novel initiatives undertaken by the FoIT focus on addressing the issues specific to the socio-economic challenges and problems of Pakistan. We bring the perspectives and powerful techniques of computer science to the fields of data science, game design, learning design, healthcare, robotics and in security. Our collaborations with national and international partners promise independently verifiable materialization of our vision to make Pakistan a leader in computer science and software development.

Our major source of strength are the competent, experienced and qualified members of faculty at FOIT. All faculty members continuously engage themselves in efforts to provide a quality learning experience to the students. We are proud to have introduced an indigenously developed online system to monitor students’ progress on daily basis and enabling teachers to effectively and efficiently respond to any learning difficulties faced by the students. These improvements, brought in through the untiring efforts of our team, envisage a new breed of computer science graduates – young women and men brimming over with energy, ambitious in their objectives, clear on the nature of the problems and quick to learn new concepts and technologies. Abraham Lincoln said “… only the test of fire makes fine steel” and I am sure that our gems will prove themselves in all challenging circumstances owing of the rigour and quality of education which is a hallmark of FoIT.

I invite you to join us on this fascinating and exciting journey, unlock your potential, shrug off the conventional approaches and boldly create new realities and new opportunities for the next generations.

Dr. Shabbar Ahmad Kazmi

Dr. Ahmad Shabbar Kazmi

Dr. Ahmad Shabbar Kazmi


Faculty of Information Technology.