Mr. Mohsin Abbas
Director (Officiating)
Ph.D Candidate, Computer Science ( Natural language processing ), Open University, Netherlands
MS, Communication Technology, University of ULM, Germany
BS, Telecommunication Engineering, FAST-NU, Lahore

Centre for Learning Design Mohsin Abbas

By leveraging technology, we can transform the educational landscape of Pakistan and make education more effective, accessible and affordable for all students. With this vision, the Faculty of IT at UCP has launched the Centre for Learning Design, that, working in collaboration with the Centre for Game Design and the Centre for Robotics & Security, aims to radically change the field of education and revolutionize the methods of imparting educationand facilitates students at all levels of educational attainment with special attention paid to developing affordable educational tools and applications using m-learning concepts for students from under-serviced communities.

The Center takes pride in the development of the following educational tools:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) for FoIT (
  • UCP Business School LMS (
  • Hypermedia Learning System for English Language (
  • UCP Zero Semester for Computing and Mathematics (
  • Classroom Response System of Automatic Quizzes

The entrance exams of BSCS, MSCS, Ph.D. (CS), MS (Management), MPhil (Management) and Ph.D. (Management) are also conducted by the Center for Learning Design.