English Literature and teaching English Literature is an essential part of Pakistani educational institutions at various stages of academics. Thus, there always remains the need of well educated, professionals to research and teach English Literature effectively at all the levels. Keeping this fact in view, this program will offer prospective candidates the opportunity to develop advanced knowledge and skills in English Literature. The program will encourage the participants to develop a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of English Literature and gain the skills required to challenge current professional practice, to innovate, and to undertake a range of leadership roles in the field.

Moreover, as per HEC policy regarding the Faculty Appointment and Promotion, no faculty member can be hired as/promoted to Assistant Professor if s/he does not hold PhD Degree w.e.f December, 2015. Thus, for the candidates/faculty members who want to serve in education field, attaining M. Phil and PhD degrees have become imperative. The large number of admission applications received in recent years by reputed universities clearly demonstrates the need of the market and serves as the basis for initiating M. Phil Literature by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Central Punjab.