Job Prospects for BS English Language and Literature

Being graduate in English Language, Linguistics and Literature opens many job opportunities for the candidates.

  1.  Most of the candidates have ample opportunities to serve in academia being teachers and lecturers from school level to university level depending on their qualification.
  2. Can serve as English language instructors and trainers in different institutions, companies and NGOs.
  3. Can serve as translators and editors in public & private sector, NGOs and print as well as electronic media. Translators also serve in the fields of commerce, law and science.
  4. Media both print and electronic has vast exposure for English graduates to work as presenters, newscasters, writers and editors.
  5. Research organization employ English graduates as researchers and research assistants.
  6. Can work as technical writers with collaboration of graphic designer, software developers etc.
  7. Can successfully serve as free lancers and creative writers.
  8. Can be speech and language therapists.