General Information

What is the duration of the academic term?

The duration of the academic term for LL.B (Hons) is 5 years (10 Semester)

How can I practice law after completing my LL.B?

After completing LL.B, a graduate is required to take a written test conducted by the Punjab Bar Council and after successfully passing; he/she can acquire the license to practice as an Advocate.

What career opportunities will open for me once I finish my LLB from UCPLC?

The opportunities open to UCPLC graduate are not limited to only practicing law. We are proud to tell you that there is a wide market for our graduates in Multinational Corp., Banks & International offices .A graduate may also chose to pursue an LL.M or sit for competitive examinations for government service.

Is there a dress code at the UCPLC?

There is no College uniform for the first two years. However, the students of 3rd, 4th and 5th year are required to observe proper lawyers uniform.


I need legal advice. Can UCPLC help me?
Yes UCPLC has its own law clinic which provides legal assistance by different modes including:

  • Clinical legal education
  • Research writing
  • Pro bono services.

For details please check the law clinic page.


How old is UCPLC?

Punjab Law College has been established in 1987 since that time this institution providing high standards of professional education and is preparing its students for professional excellence. From the year of 2017 this institution is working under the umbrella of UCP.

How many faculty members are there at UCPLC?

The faculty of UCPLC consists of Retired judges, Jurists, Bureaucrats, Advocate Supreme Court, Advocate High Court, and Foreign Qualified Faculty Members. The number of current Faculty Members is 30.

How many courses does UCPLC offer?
Presently UCPLC is offering LL.B (Hons) program only. Short courses on the subjects of contemporary importance are also offered. Details are available on ‘short courses’ page.
Does the College offer any ``on campus`` jobs?
Yes, depending upon merit, work & participation in classes, students may be offered tutorship.


How can I get a copy of my UCPLC transcript?

Please contact the:
PLC Account office 0423-5880007 ext. 478
UCP Registrar’s office at 0423-5880007 ext. 140.

How can I change my address in alumni records?

Please contact the:
PLC Account office 0423-5880007 ext. 478.
UCP Registrar’s office at 0423-5880007 ext. 140.


How many books are in the UCPLC library?

The Library has grown significantly and contains a valuable collection of approximately 11,520 volumes on law and other allied subjects.


Where can I get more information about applying to UCPLC?

Basic information is available on UCPLC admission page. For more information you may visit our admission office.

What are the eligibility requirements for applying to the UCPLC law program?
Eligibility requirements for applying to the UCPLC Law program are as follows;

  • A., F.Sc., I.Com., I.C.S., A-Levels or equivalent
  • Minimum 45% marks or equivalent
  • Test & Interview
  • Any other conditions as prescribed by HEC & PBC Rules.

How much does the LL.B. program cost?
For details of the fees, please refer to the relevant section in the prospectus/ website.
What are the requirements for international students?
A-level from an English educational system or equivalent thereof from other foreign systems. All applicants to UCPLC, regardless of citizenship, are held to the same admissions standards, and evaluated on the same admissions criteria. Admission is granted on merit determined on the basis of scores earned in admission test and academic record.
Is an interview necessary for admission?
Yes. As a college policy, every applicant has to be interviewed by admission’s panel consisting of Dean and faculty members.
Does UCPLC offer any scholarship/fee concession?
Yes. You can check the detail of scholarship and fee concession in prospectus / relevant section of the Website.