Mission Statement

“The mission of the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) of University of Central Punjab (UCP) is (1) to provide quality programs of education for accounting and finance majors at undergraduate and graduate levels, (2) to provide advanced courses to support the UCP and SAF educational missions as they relate accounting and finance to global processes, sustainable enterprise, innovation and ethical awareness, and (3) to stimulate and support research, scholarship, and publication.”

Vision Statement

To make SAF top School of Accounting and Finance and to produce graduates compatible to professional accountants.

School of Accounting and Finance

Considering the fact that Accounting is one of the fastest growing professions of the world, Faculty of Management Studies has established School of Accounting and Finance-SAF. It offers specialized degrees of Accounting, Finance, and Banking for the students who wish to pursue their career in these fields. School of Accounting and Finance-SAF is envisioned to produce individuals who seek careers in these areas. The school is built on strong foundation of accounting and finance curricula and has competent teaching faculty. The school is linked with other accountancy bodies of the world to provide the students a view of what is happening in the area of accountancy around the world. Graduates of the school get an edge over other similar degree holders due to focused studies and practical exposure. The school has a leading role in imparting accounting education and engaging students in scholarly research activities. The School of Accounting and Finance-SAF has introduced the use of latest technology to educate students in the areas of accountancy, audit, taxation, corporate laws, banking, and Enterprise Resource Planning-ERP. Computerized software and databases are used to provide extensive exposure of the practical world.

The School of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Central Punjab, has a unique honor amongst the private universities in Pakistan of carrying more than a quarter century old tradition of Accounting and Finance education in Pakistan. It all started with the inception of Punjab College of Commerce in 1985. The School of Accounting and Finance has a great success and excellence through innovative educational programs, state- of-the-art facilities, most progressive teaching and learning methodologies, and above all commitment to provide quality education. At the School of Accounting and Finance, we equip our students with the educational and practical tools that are needed to make a mark in the contemporary world of commerce and business. Our school not only caters to the needs of local environment, but also to the changing situations of the business community around the world. We, thus, make regular changes in our curriculum based on the local and global shifts in business trends. A blend of indigenous and foreign learning pedagogy combined with extensive academic research makes School of Accounting and Finance-SAF programs most desirable and beneficial for the students who join the practical world of business. We offer degree programs at all levels, starting from undergraduate to PhD. Our linkage with The Institute of Bankers Pakistan provides additional strength to our Banking and Finance students. The students go through two highly supervised internship programs each year and attend specially arranged lectures of senior bankers on various specialized topics of banking. We offer BS Accounting & Finance, M.Com. , M.Phil., MS, and PhD.

We prepare our students for the path of practical business life through individual attention in addition to the combined pedagogy they receive in their classes, and through devising strategies that help them to use their course knowledge in the real-world’s practical scenarios. The teaching staff of the school is from diverse backgrounds and is dedicated to provide quality education to students. We have PhD professors, professional bankers, chartered accountants, foreign qualified trainers, and experienced professionals in their respective fields, and dedicated educationists who are engaged in this profession for a long time. Students have a great opportunity to learn heaps of knowledge and experience from these extraordinary teachers and develop their personalities during their stay at this university.

School of Accounting and Finance Experience

At the School of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Management Studies, we provide a congenial environment for learning and grooming of the students. Here, we emphasize overall development of personality traits, spirit of learning and growth in our students. The faculty members act as mentors and support students so that they become honorable citizens and skillful professionals in their practical lives. The school encourages creativity
and participation. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the classrooms and discussion based lectures are also promoted. We have broadened Accounting and Financing education by practically involving students in classrooms, providing comprehensive study programs, linking information technology with all the relevant subjects of study programs, and giving special emphasis to communication and presentation skills.

At School of Accounting and Finance-SAF, conventional methods have been replaced by modern learning and teaching methods. We have added presentations, workshops, study circles, seminars, simulation exercises, case studies, and research work in classroom teaching techniques to provide cutting edge advantage to our students over others.

University of Central Punjab provides the best educational and extra-curricular facilities to students in terms of modern infrastructure like classrooms, computer laboratories, library, auditorium, cafeteria, food-street, sports complex, swimming pool, and other recreational facilities. School of Accounting and Finance- SAF encourages its students to benefit from these facilities, so that they stay healthy and be creative in their lives. The university also invites its students to join various clubs to exhibit their un-explored talents.

Degree Programs offered at School of Accounting and Finance

BS Accounting & Finance

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MS Accounting & Finance

MS Accounting and Finance is a two-year program that can be completed in one and a half year…

M.Phil. Accounting & Finance

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PhD Accounting & Finance

PhD program is offered according to the HEC requirements. It is research based…