Organization, policy, administration, institutions, and instruments involved in financing the modern business, quantitative financial relations are measured and expressed financial plans are prepared for corporation in different industries and in different stages of the business cycles. Financial management appraised and business judgment developed through short problem and case methods. The main aim of this course is to improve the financial decision making in any corporation. If the financial decision taken is not correct, the repercussions may be quite severe and in many cases, due to the wrong financial decisions, the corporations have even shut down. Thus, correct financial decision is very much important and for taking right financial decision, it is very much required that a person is well apprised of all the aspects of corporate finance and this course enables participants to do that. There are many aspects of Corporate Finance course that need to be understood properly so that the very purpose of a person who wishes to join this course is fulfilled. First of all, there are many basic issues related to the Corporate Finance course. These issues are the capital budgeting, capital structure, corporate investment, sources of corporate funding, corporate contingent claims, dividend policy, financial risk management etc.