Pakistan Studies

This course familiarizes the student with historical perspectives, on Pakistan and with its government and politics. It involves the study of the evolution of Two Nation Theory, Emergence of Pakistan, State strengthening, Process of Governance, National Development and Issues arising in the modern age and posing challenges to Pakistan.

Introduction to Sociology

Students are equipped with the knowledge of the study of human social behavior, Social and cultural aspects of the emergence, maintenance, modification, and adjustment of human groups. They equip themselves with the processes in individuals’ acquisition and modification of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and self-concepts as they become functioning members of society. Effects of social activities on the environment and how these effects interact with social conditions, population change, fertility, mortality, economic growth, quality of life, and more.

Introduction to Psychology

It introduces the concepts and research in the areas of human personality, attitudes, emotion, learning, memory, perception, and physiological bases of behavior.

Islamic Studies

This course aims at to provide basic information about Islamic Studies, to enhance understanding of the students regarding Islamic civilization, to improve Students skill to perform prayers and other worships, and to enhance the skill of the students for understanding of issues related to faith and religious life. It includes important Quranic and Sunna teachings with history of the emergence of Islam.

Law, Politics and Society

This class is an introduction to the legal and political process by examining how society intersects with politics and Law. The course begins with theoretical concepts of law and politics and reviews the structure and development of institutions in Pakistan. Using discussion on contemporary issues, students are taught the diversity and intricacies that connect law, politics and social change.