I have some personal commitments and need some days off. Can I submit a leave and miss classes without any repercussions?

In semester system, time limitations leave little room for students to make up for any loss in case of missed lectures. In order to accommodate emergencies or issues of utmost significance, School allows you to miss at most 6 classes per course. First 2 missed classes are counted as leaves while fine will be levied against the remaining 4 missed classes. In case you foresee a longer absence on your part, you will have to withdraw from the course. For more details, rules and regulations pertaining to course withdrawal must be referred to.

I have grievances against my course instructor regarding teaching style or assessment. Whom should I contact?

You can come to your Program Director and discuss your issues. Program Director may counsel you or if need arises, may ask you to write a formal application that will be forwarded to competent authority for further consideration. However, students are expected to bring their issues based on logical grounds and not merely coming out of personal inclinations or personality differences.

I want to discuss the scope and nature of a particular course before registering for it in a semester. Who will be the right person to seek guidance from?

Registration advisers are appointed to steer the advisement and registration process at the start of every semester. Your batch adviser may guide you about your roadmap and relevant courses. However, if you intend to seek a profound overview of a particular course (especially electives), you should consult the relevant Head of Division.

I have registered for a particular course but just before the start of classes, I see my friends registered in different section of the same course. Can I get my section changed?

Once registration process is closed and add/drop period is over too, you cannot get your course section changed on any grounds. Students can get their sections changed anytime during add/drop period but not afterwards.

I have missed my exams in wake of an emergency. What should I do?

Missing any exam or other assessment instrument is highly discouraged. However, under unavoidable circumstances, if you miss your exam, inform your instructor and contact Dean’s office as soon as possible. Dean will assess the gravity of your situation, and only upon satisfaction may permit a make-up exam.

I am officially part of UCP’s team in some sport and have to skip my classes in order to attend training camps or participate in a sports event. Will I still be withdrawn from the course if my missed classes count exceeds 6?

Students admitted to a program on sports basis or officially asked to participate in a sports event may be granted extra leaves and permission to take make-ups for missed instruments during any event or special training. This record is maintained by the concerned offices and such students can be entertained for make-up assessment instruments by their instructors only upon receiving official notification from Dean’s office. It is advised that such students inform their class instructors of any such leaves in advance.

Where should I register my complaint in case of any harassment incident?

University has zero tolerance for harassment on campus. Harassment Committee handles all such matters. In any such eventuality you must approach the Dean’s office immediately to get navigated to the current committee members.

I have queries regarding some topics in a class or subject matter. Can I see my instructor anytime on campus?

All permanent faculty members are required to announce and maintain regular counseling hours spread over the week so that students should not face any accessibility issues. However, instructors may allocate these hours as per their own schedules. Ideally you should visit your course instructors during their allocated hours. Under unavoidable circumstances, it’s advisable to contact your instructor via email and request for appointment slot different from counseling hours.