UCP Business School’s BBA (Hons.) program combines a strong foundation in business fundamentals and expertise in one specialization area of student’s choice out of Management, Finance, Marketing, Information & Operations Management and Entrepreneurship. The curriculum offers significant exposure to humanities and social sciences as well.
This Program aims to:

  • Equip students with a variety of organizing, planning, controlling, team-building and communicating skills necessary to effectively manage and lead organizations in diverse and dynamic environments
  • Provide students with an understanding of contemporary social, economic and political realities which impact the business environment in Pakistan as well as globally
  • Nurture problem analysis and decision making skills required for handling challenges faced by modern businesses. Students will be imparted sustaining potential through development of management knowledge and skills
  • Maintain an industry driven blend between theory and practical application in teaching
  • Integrate knowledge of the functional areas of business and funnel into a coherent strategic whole to enable students see management problems in a holistic perspective
  • Impart ability to design and propose effective policies for value creation through core business processes of any organization
  • Encourage ‘out of box’ thinking and novel solution finding for conventional and nonconventional problems in management domain
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the ethical considerations and social responsibilities in the conduct of business. Graduates will be able to evaluate community responsibilities in organizations and society and propose innovative solutions to complex issues faced by organizations in the pretext of local value system
  • Improve interpersonal skills required for effective teamwork and developing cordial work environments. Nourish leadership and initiative taking capabilities coupled with written and oral competencies to enrich managerial effectiveness
  • Equip students with quantitative and qualitative tools to identify potential business opportunities and successfully materialize new entrepreneurial ventures.

Degree Requirements:

The degree is awarded after completion of 126 credit hours of coursework with minimum CGPA of 2.00. The degree requirements are normally completed in eight semesters spread over four years.


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