Prof. Mughees Uddin Sheikh

Title of PhD Dissertation

  • “Elite Press Editorial Framing of US Foreign Policy: The Case of Pakistan, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times (1980-92).” PhD Dissertation submitted at The University of Iowa, USA in 1993. (Abstract published in Journalism Abstract, Vol.32, 1994, USA.

Title of Master’s Thesis

  • The relationship between a Nation’s Foreign Policy and its press. The case of Pakistan and the New York Times and the Times of London. The University of Iowa, USA. (Abstract published in Journalism Abstract (1992) by AEJMC, USA.

Papers Published in Various Journals of Research

  1. “Role of Communication in Agricultural Development of Pakistan”. Media Asia (Singapore) Vol.17, No.2, 1990 (Note: The abstract of this paper was published in communication Abstracts, Vol.14, No.6, December, 1990: An International service, Sage Publication).
  2. “New tendencies of Electronic Media in Iran”. Media Asia (Singapore) Vol.15, No.2, 1998 (Note: The abstract of this paper was published in communication Abstracts, Vol.12, No.4, 1989: An International service, Sage Publications.
  3. “Image of Iran in the Western Media”. Iranshenasi: An International Quarterly Journal, Winter (4), 1995.
  4. “Many Voices – One World: Editorial Framing of Islamic Movement in Algeria (FIS) in the US Elite Press”. The Islamic Quarterly, XXXVIII (4), 1994, London.
  5. “Democratization of Communication: Barriers and Possibilities”. Communicator, Apr – Jun, 1995, Delhi, India.
  6. “Media Effects in Behavioral and Critical Mass Communication Research”, Punjab University Research Bulletin (Arts). XXV, No.1&2, April – October, 1994, Punjab University, Chandigarh, India.
  7. “Editorial Treatment of US Foreign Policy in the New York Times (1980-90): The Case of Pakistan”, Pakistan Horizon, VI (50), No. 3, 1997.
  8. “An Islamic Framework of Media Ethics: Problem and Challenges”. Hamdard Islamicus, XX (4) December, 1997. Karachi (This paper was presented in an International Symposium. Organized by Centre for Media Studies and Research (CMSR), Tehran.
  9. “Media and Foreign Policy: A Bibliographic Essay”. Journal of Mass Communication. 1 (1), pp.99-126, June, 1997. Department of Mass Communication, Karachi University.
  10. “Transfer of Information Technology: A continuation of Dependency”. Quarterly Research Journal,17: No.57,58,59 & 60. (1995-96, special issue) (Oriental College), P.U, Lahore.
  11. “Role of Uncontrolled Media in a Controlled Society: The Case of Iranian Revolution”. National Development and Security, Vol. III, No.4, 1995.
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  14. “A Gender Perspective on Mass Communication Research: Barriers and Possibilities. Bulletin of Education, 1994 (Abstract of this paper has been published in Development, 2, 1995, Italy).
  15. Foreign Policy and Press Performance: The case of Kashmir Conflict, US Policies and the New York Times during 1948-49 & 1989-91”, Pakistan Journal of American Studies,10, No.1, 1992. (Note: The abstract of this paper has been published by The International Political Science Abstracts, France).
  16. “Transfer of Technology to Developing Countries: A Danger to National Sovereignty and Alternatives”. National Development and Security, 7 No. 1,2,3,4 1994.
  17. “Family Welfare Communication in Rural Areas”. Media Asia (Singapore), Vol.9, No.1, 1982.
  18. “Islamic Concept of Mass Communication”. This paper was published in Journal of Research (Humanities) University of the Punjab.15, No.2, 1980
  19. “Quaid-e-Azam and the Muslim Press”. Journal of Research7, No.1,2,3,4, 1985 (Oriental College – Punjab University, Pakistan).
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  23. The Kashmir Conflict: The United States Policies and Portrayal of the Issue in the New York Times in Message International”, Vol.15, No.3 (August, 1991), New York.
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  26. Internet Regulations? The Question of Right to Communicate, Private Communication and Pornography, National Development and Security (A quarterly Research Journal of Foundation for Research on International Environment (FRIENDS), Rawalpindi, Vol. VIII, No. 1, 1999.
  27. “Images of Women in Chinese and Iranian Cinema: A Cross-Cultural Comparison”. Journal of Mass Communication (Department of Mass Communication Karachi University, Vol. 4, 2009.
  28. “Image of Pakistan in the New York Times (1980-90)”. Pakistan Vision (An International Journal of Pakistan Studies) Volume II, No. 1, June 2010.
  29. “The Pictorial Image of Pakistan in Newsweek and Time: Pre and Post-9/11”. Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan (Department of History, Punjab University, Lahore) Vol. 47, No. 1, 2010.
  30. “A Study of International Issues through Cartoon Communication: The Cases of Pakistani and Norwegian Newspapers from September 2008 to February 2009” (accepted for publication in European Journal of Communication) 2011.
  31. “Treatment of Terrorism Issue in Pakistani Minorities Press” Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 24, No. 02, 2016 Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

Dr. Qamar Uddin Zia Ghaznavi

  1. Naseem Hijazi-An-uncelebrated Hero of the Pakistan movement, in Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, USA 3(2)73-77,2015DOI 13189/sa 2015.030201
  2. The Role Of Media In increasing Turn-Out in Election 2013:A Survey Study of Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Social Science(PJSS)BZU Multan,Vol.35,No.1(2015),pp.411.424


“Naseem jo Hijaz se chali” Kitab Wadi, Manzoor Manzi 42,urdu bazar Lahore 2015

Prof. Shafique Jullandhry

Research Papers and award winning Books

  • Use of Documentary in Development Support Communication: Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 9 No.3-4 1987
  • Illusion of Persuasion In the Process of Development:
    Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 9 No.5-6 1987
  • Development Planning and Implementation in the Northern Areas of Pakistan: Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 9 No.5-6 1987
  • The Process of Slide Tape Show.
    Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 9 No.5-6 1987
  • Election Coverage and Propaganda
    Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 21 No.3-4 2000
  • Reporting During Pakistan Movement
    Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 7 No.1-2 1985
  • Evolution of Reporting in the Indo-Pakistan Sub-Continent.
    Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 9 No.3-4 1987
  • Negation of Established Journalism Norms by the National Urdu Dailies.
    Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 21 No.3-4 2000
  • Role of the Press in Children’s Education.
    Taleemi Zawiay: Vol. 10 No.3, October 1999
  • Politics and Journalism of Ayub Khan’s Regime
    Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 21 No.3-4 2000
  • Yahya Khan’s Regime and Freedom of the Press.
    Journalism Quarterly: Vol. 21 No.1-2 2000
  • Why dearth of Investigative Reporting (Urdu), Paper read at the National Urdu Journalism Conference of Mass Communication Department, Karachi University. (2003)
  • Role of the Media in the Promotion of Peace Cause in Indo-Pak (Presented in the Kurukshetra University, Haryana, India, International Conference: 9-11 Dec. 2004). in Indo-Pakistan.
  • Role of a Communicologist in The Third World: Prepared for the International Concerence of Mass Communication Department, Patiala University India. (8-9 Feb. 2006)
  • Critical Study of Gilgit Baltistan Press ( Content Analysis)- Research Journal of Department of Mass Communication, Karachi University (2010).
  • Content Analysis of Urdu Dailies of Lahore- Three Months Quantitative Study. Research Journal of Department of Mass Communication , Karachi University.( accepted for the publication).
  • Book: Urdu Column Naveesi, was awarded by the Punjab University Selection Board and Syndicate by accepting it research work of exceptional merit.
  • Book: Feature Nigari, was also awarded by the Punjab University Selection Board and Syndicate by accepting it research work of exceptional merit.
  • Eight Ph. D. scholars completed their research work under my supervision. Presently five Ph. D. and same number of M. Phil students are working under my supervision at UCP.

Miss Amber Mubeen

  1. “Role of Mass Media and Interpersonal Communication in Promoting Awareness about Woman Rights in Pakistan” published in “Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies” HEC recognized journal (Y Category), Volume 13, September 2016. ISSN: 2072-0394.
  1. “Minorities in Pakistan: Role of private TV Channels in Highlighting Minorities Rights” published in HEC recognized journal “Global Media Journal” Vol-IX, Issue-II, ISSN: 2070-2496, Fall 2016.

Fahad Anis

  • Social Media Content and Concept of Mixtainment (Submitted to Global Media Journal)
  • Reliance of University Students on Information and Communication Technology: Testing Knowledge Gap Hypothesis (Under Review for Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly)
  • Role of Information Communication Technology in Social Time Displacement of University Students (Under Review for Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences)

Muniba Fatima

  1. Exposure to Crime Reporting as Predictor of Perceived Stress and Mood among Youth, Pakistan Journal of Criminology,  HEC Recognized Journal:Category Y, (In Process, Received First Blind Peer Review)
  2. Latent Cost of Caring: Social Networking Sites based Emotions-Sharing and Mental Health of University Students​ ​ (Paper accepted for international journalism conference 2017)​
  3. ​Co Author of Effects of Violent Video Games in Instilling Aggressive Behavior Among School Going Children (Paper accepted for international journalism conference 2017)​