It is my privilege to serve as Dean for this prestigious Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Central Punjab, Lahore. UCP is one of the leading universities to develop your career and to make you a precious asset of the country. In order to meet the challenges of tomorrow, the university is trying to provide high standard professional education in a very conducive environment to all our students. Faculty of Pharmacy is home to world-class faculty, dedicated students and innovative researchers working toward improving medications and medication-related health outcomes.
After the recognition of pharmacy education by Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission in 2011, our faculty has made enormous strides in meeting specific needs of both students and community, exploring new frontiers in drug discovery and development, pharmaceutical sciences, and translational clinical research. These endeavors have led to more than 30 manuscripts in the past three years. Here at the faculty, we value innovation, learning, advancement of knowledge, research and its applications towards improving the use of medications in society, pharmaceutical care and professionalism. Diversity in all of its forms is the core thought of faculty’s research and development. We continually endeavor to augment our betterment and extend our national and international influence through quality education and research. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement of pharmacy education and research. I will expect you to participate in all healthy and academic activities of the faculty as well as the university. I invite you to travel with us into a very illuminated future.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jamshaid

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jamshaid



Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jamshaid