Course Objectives

  • Enable the students to meet their real life communication needs, enhance language skills and develop critical thinking.
  • Paragraph writing: Practice in writing a good, unified and coherent paragraph.
  • CV and job application:
  • Translation skills: Urdu to English.
  • Study skills: Skimming and scanning, intensive and extensive, and speed reading, summary and précis writing and comprehension.
  • Academic writing skills: Letter/memo writing, minutes of meetings, use of library and internet. How to write a proposal for research paper/term paper? (emphasis on style, content, language, form, clarity, consistency).
  • Presentation skills: Personality development (special emphasis on content, confidence, eye contact, style and pronunciation).
  • Essay writing: Descriptive, narrative, discursive, argumentative.
  • Technical Report writing: Pharmacy writing and oral communication.


Documentaries to be shown for discussion and review. Extensive reading is required for vocabulary building