Fundamentals Of Computers

  1. History of Data Processing
  2. Types of Computers
  3. Components of a Computer
  4. Computer System and Business Computer System
  5. Backing Storage Devices
  6. Unit of Memory
  7. Viruses and Anti-viruses Issues

Research Methodologies

Research Methodologies

System Analysis And Design

  1. What is a System?
  2. Steps in system life cycle
  3. Data Gathering and Data Analysis
  4. Designing a New System
  5. Development and Implementation of New System
  6. Documentation

Data Processing

  1. Data Processing
  2. The Data Processing Cycle
  3. The Collection and Computing of data
  4. Manual collection of data
  5. The main methods of data input
  6. Devices used to collect data
  7. Data Verification
  8. Data Validation
  9. Output and Recording of data
  10. Types of data processing systems
  11. Types of Computer Operation
  12. Batch Processing and Real-time Processing

Application Of Computers In Hospital Pharmacy

  1. Patterns of Computer use in Hospital Pharmacy
  2. Patient record database management
  3. Medication order entry
  4. Drug labels and list
  5. Intravenous solution and admixture
  6. Patient Medication profiles
  7. Inventory control
  8. Management report & Statistics

Application Of Computer In Community Pharmacy

  1. Computerizing the Prescription Dispensing process,
  2. Use of Computers for Pharmaceutical Care in community pharmacy,
  3. Accounting and General ledger system.

Application Of Drug Information Retrieval & Storage

  1. Introduction
  2. Advantages of Computerized Literature
  3. Retrieval use of Computerized Retrieval

Data Analysis

Introduction and implementations of statistical design and test. Students T-test, Chi Square, ANOVA using statistical packages like SPSS, Med Calc, Kinetica etc.

Internet And E-Mail

Internet and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, Addresses, Links and Downloading, Searching the Internet, E-mail and Newsgroups, Favourites, security and Customizing Explorer.

Web Page Development

Introduction to Front-page, Creating a First Web site, Basic Formatting Techniques, Manipulating Tables within Front-page, Front-page, Picture and MultiMedia, Hyper linking, Bookmarks and Image Maps, Introducing Front-page “components”, Front-page and Frames, Managing your Web, Good site design, Publishing and publicizing.

Data Presentation Skills

MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power point.

Understanding And Application Of Statistical Packages

SPSS, Kinetica, Med Calc.