Rational Use Of Drugs

Rational Prescribing, Rational Dispensing, Problems of Irrational Drug Use, Learning about drug use problem, Sampling to study drug use, Indicators of drug use.

Introduction To Essential Drugs

Criteria for selection, Usage and Advantages. Development of EDL.

Disease Management

  • Unit V: Central nervous system unit (Stroke, epilepsy, Psychosis)
  • Unit VI: Infectious diseases ( Meningitis, tuberclosis, dermatological infections, Rabies, Urinary track infection, Malaria fever, typhoid fever, fungal infections of skin, Dengue Fever, Common Cold, Pharyngitis & Tonsillitis, Conjunctivitis)
  • Unit VII: Endocrinlology Unit (Diabetes Mellitus, Hyper/Hypo thyroidism, pituitary gland non-malignant disorders)

Drug Utilzation Evaluation & Drug Utilization Review (Due/Dur)

Development of protocol of use of few very low therapeutic index drug groups like Steroids, Vancomycin and Cimetidine

Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Digoxin, Theophyline, Gentamycin, Lithium, Phenytoin, Cabamazepine, Phenobarbitone, Valproic Acid, Cyclosporins and Vancomycin.

  • Clerkship in the Clinical Setting. A project Related to Clinical Pharmacy Practices will be completed by the students and will be evaluated by the external
  • Students are required to participate in verbal presentation, communication, written and problem-solving skills, critical analysis of data and provision of care through a weekly conference and projects.