MS Food Technology

The MS Food Technology program aims to provide students with advanced knowledge, skills and competences through quality teaching and research. This program allows them to operate in the public and private agri-food sector in leading positions with autonomous decisional abilities.


Road Map

  • Year 1, Semester-1

    Sr. No. Course Code Title Cr. Hrs.
  • 1FST-721 Emerging Technologies in Food Processing 3
  • 2FST-703 Food Enzymology3
  • 3 FST-706 Food Quality Assurance Management3
  • 4 FST-707 Food Carbohydrates Chemistry and Technology3
  • Total12
  • Year 1, Semester-2

    Sr. No. Course Code Title Cr. Hrs.
  • 1STAT-701 Experimental Statistics 3
  • 2FST-714 Food Industry Waste Management3
  • 3 FST-715 Functional Beverage Technology3
  • 4 FST-709 Advances in Food Packaging3
  • Total12
  • Year 1, Semester-3

    Sr. No. Course Code Title Cr. Hrs.
  • 1 Research & Thesis 3
  • Total3
  • Year 1, Semester-4

    Sr. No. Course Code Title Cr. Hrs.
  • 1 Research & Thesis 3
  • Total3

Admission Criteria

Eligibility Criteria: To apply for MS Food Technology, a candidate must have a minimum of 16 years of education leading to BS degree in relevant discipline (Food Science & Technology/BS Food and Nutrition) and at least 2.00/4.00 CGPA or 50% marks from an annual system in a relevant field. All applicants are required to pass the UCP admission test and interview.


Fee Structure

MS Food Technology

  • Sr. No. COURSE NAME Per Credit Hour Fee Admission Fee Total Credit Hours Degree Fee
  • 1MS Food Technology10,80025000303,49,000

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