Introduction to FST

Food Science and Technology (FST) is becoming gradually popular in Pakistan during the past few years. It deals with the study of selection, preservation, checking, processing, production, and distribution of food. The responsibilities of Food Science Technologists are to check the Microbiology, Physical and Chemical Composition of Food. It deals with all types of food around us and to maintain the hygienic level of food. This field is very diverse and falls in the list of high paying fields in Pakistan and abroad. Under this course, students would be able to get into interaction with the production, processing, preservation, packaging and their worldwide distribution. It also deals with the investigation and examination of all kinds of the foods around us in order to improve its quality for human safety.


Overall objective our BS Program is to prepare students for esteemed Career and Profession in the most progressing field of Food Science and Technology to strive for continuing professional development and learn to overcome different problems pertaining to Food being encountered by the developed as well as developing countries of the globe including Pakistan. Following are some of the most important objectives of this undergraduate program:

  1. To train our students in the field of Food Science and Technology as well as to develop professional aptitude and demonstration skills.
  2. To serve our beloved country Pakistan by ensuring food safety and security situation at all stages of life through availability of highly trained and educated manpower in Food Science and Technology

Degree Requirement:

BS degree in Food Science and Technology will be awarded per HEC Criteria after the successful completion of assigned credit hours. Students will be required to have CGPA of 2.50 at the time of graduation. 
BS program is equivalent to 16 years of education. The degree program fulfils all the curriculum requirements per HEC criteria, comprising of Compulsory, Foundation, Supporting and FST Specific Courses. The basic training on Research Project & Scientific Writing and Internship & Report Writing will also be imparted during 7th and 8th semesters, respectively.