BS Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) are the Allied health professionals who play prominent role in health sector, clinical and research laboratories, quality control and quality assurance. Medical laboratory technologists are supposed to work with a maximum level of effectiveness in professional attitude, maintaining ethical relations, integrity and confidentiality. This program has tremendous scope in the field of diagnostics and research with bright future.

The BS MLT programme offers a wide range of courses helping the students in acquiring expertise in theoretical aspects, processing and analysis of diagnostic tests. The programme ensures highly skilled graduates who are equipped with the required knowledge to lead a successful career in the field of Medical Lab Technology and contribute to serve the community.


Each candidate for the BS MLT degree is required to successfully earn 126 Cr. Hrs. with the minimum CGPA of 2.0 on the scale of 4.0 as per the following details

  • Sr. No. Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1 Foundation Courses 21
  • 2General Courses 30
  • 3Core Courses 45
  • 4Interdepartmental Courses 24
  • 5Project/Internship 06
  • Total126

Road Map

  • Year 1, Semester 1

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1LT1403Human Physiology-IFoundation3
  • 2LT1803Human AnatomyFoundation3
  • 3LT1203Biochemistry-IFoundation3
  • 4LTHU1033Islamic studiesInter Department3
  • 5LTHU1013English Inter Department3
  • 6LTHU1023Pakistan StudiesInter Department3
  • Total18
  • Year 1, Semester 2

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1LT1813General PathologyGeneral3
  • 2LT1413Human Physiology-IIFoundation3
  • 3LT1213Biochemistry-IIFoundation3
  • 4LTHU1013Behavioral SciencesGeneral3
  • 5LTCS1013Computer ApplicationsInter Department3
  • 6LT1623General MicrobiologyGeneral3
  • Total18

  • Year 2, Semester 3

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1LT2803Clinical Pathology Core3
  • 2LT2813Hematology-ICore3
  • 3LT2833Blood BankingCore3
  • 4LT2843General Pharmacology and ChemotherapyInter Department3
  • 5LT2523Cell BiologyGeneral3
  • 6LT2843Laboratory Instrumentation and Analytical TechniquesCore3
  • Total18
  • Year 2, Semester 4

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1LT2733Clinical Bacteriology Core3
  • 2LT2703ImmunologyCore3
  • 3LT2723Hematology-IICore3
  • 4LT2003One HealthGeneral3
  • 5LT2543Molecular BiologyGeneral3
  • 6LT2823Biosafety and BiosecurityFoundation3
  • Total18

  • Year 3, Semester 5

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1LT3753Virology Core3
  • 2LT3203Cytology and CytogeneticsCore3
  • 3LT3603Clinical ParasitologyCore3
  • 4LT3633MycologyCore3
  • 5LT3743Epidemiology and Public HealthGeneral3
  • 6LT3103Human GeneticsGeneral3
  • Total18
  • Year 3, Semester 6

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1LT3303Gene Manipulation and Genetic EngineeringGeneral3
  • 2LT3313BiotechnologyInter Department3
  • 3LT3503Mechanisms of Antimicrobial AgentsCore3
  • 4LT3803Advances in Medical Laboratory TechnologyCore3
  • 5LT3903Research MethodologiesFoundation3
  • Total15

  • Year 4, Semester 7

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1LT4803Hematological MalignanciesCore3
  • 2LT4003Bio-entrepreneurshipInter Department3
  • 3LT4023BioinformaticsGeneral3
  • 4LTMT1013BiostatisticsInter Department3
  • 5LT4903Research Project-IResearch Project3
  • Total15
  • Year 4, Semester 8

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1LT4813Medical Laboratory Management SkillsCore3
  • 2LT4913Research Project-II Research Project3
  • Total06

Admission Criteria

Eligibility Criteria: A candidate must have at least 45% marks in F.Sc. Pre-Medical/A levels with (Biology, Physics & Chemistry) or equivalent. All applicants are required to pass UCP Admission Test.


BS MLT programme ensures instilling the graduates with core concepts and techniques needed to excel in the field of MLT. Development of necessary skills to become productive and ethical contributors to scientific research and diagnostic field are the particular specialties being offered by the program. The graduates are prepared for careers in health care settings as well as for post-graduate and professional programmes at other institutions.

Fee Structure

BS Medical Lab Technology ( 4 yrs, 8 semesters)

  • 1BS MLT25,0007,80012710,15,600


The above-mentioned fee structure is for illustration purpose only. UCP reserves the rights to make changes in the Fee Structure whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

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