BS Microbiology

Advances in medicine, greater longevity and a rapidly expanding world population continue to increase the number of people at the risk of infection. The situation compounded by the emergence of multi-drug resistant microbes and the lack of new clinically effective anti-infective agents compelled us to establish Microbiology section under FoLS. Research within the Molecular Microbiology Group will be directed towards the acquisition of novel molecular and cellular insights into host-pathogen interactions, quorum sensing and the evolution of virulence and drug resistance with a view to the discovery of new therapeutic and preventative strategies against Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens.


Each candidate for the BS Microbiology degree is required to successfully earn 132 Cr. Hrs. with the CGPA of 2.0 on the scale of 4.0 as per the following detail:

  • Sr. No. Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1Microbiology Foundation Courses 31
  • 2 Microbiology General Courses 24
  • 3 Microbiology Interdepartmental Courses 21
  • 4 Microbiology Core Courses 38
  • 5Microbiology Elective Depth Courses 12
  • 6 Project 6
  • Total132

Road Map

Sample Course Plan for BS Microbiology

  • Year 1, Semester 1

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MBHU1013English IInter Department3
  • 2MBHU1023Pakistan StudiesInter Department3
  • 3MBHU1033Islamic StudiesInter Department3
  • 4MBCS1013Computer ApplicationInter Department3
  • 5MB1603Fundamentals of Microbiology-IMB Foundation3
  • Total15
  • Year 1, Semester 2

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MBHU1043English-IIInter Department3
  • 2MBMT1013BiostatisticsInter Department3
  • 3MB1203Biochemistry-IMB General3
  • 4MBHU1053SociologyMB General3
  • 5MB1613Fundamentals of Microbiology-IIMB Foundation3
  • Total15

  • Year 2, Semester 3

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MBMT2023MathematicsInter Department3
  • 2MB2213Biochemistry-IIMB General3
  • 3MB2103General GeneticsMB General3
  • 4MB2624Intro. to Medical MicrobiologyMB Foundation4
  • 5MB2703General ImmunologyMB Foundation3
  • Total16
  • Year 2, Semester 4

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MB2803Ecology & EcosystemMB General3
  • 2MB2813Biodiversity of Plants & FungiMB General3
  • 3MB2713Microbial TaxonomyMB Foundation3
  • 4MB2723General VirologyMB Foundation3
  • 5MB2523Cell BiologyMB Foundation3
  • 6MB2403Human PhysiologyMB General3
  • Total18

  • Year 3, Semester 5

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MB3633MycologyMB Foundation3
  • 2MB3903Research MethodologyMB Foundation3
  • 3MB3423Microbial Anatomy & PhysiologyMB Core3
  • 4MB3653Fresh Water MicrobiologyMB Core3
  • 5MB3683Food MicrobiologyMB General3
  • 6MB3743Epidemiology, Public Health & BioethicsMB Core3
  • Total18
  • Year 3, Semester 6

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MB3823Biosafety & Risk ManagementMB Foundation3
  • 2MB3124Bacterial GeneticsMB Core4
  • 3MB3734Clinical BacteriologyMB Core4
  • 4MB3663Soil MicrobiologyMB Core3
  • 5MB3643Pharmaceutical MicrobiologyMB Core3
  • Total17

  • Year 4, Semester 7

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MB4303Environmental BiotechnologyMB Core3
  • 2MB4504Molecular Mechanism of Antimicrobial AgentMB Core4
  • 3MB4513Applied Microbial TechnologyMB Elective3
  • 4MB4673Cell & Tissue CultureMB Elective3
  • 5MB4903Research Project-IResearch Project3
  • Total16
  • Year 4, Semester 8

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MB4134Genetic EngineeringMB Core4
  • 2MB4754Medical VirologyMB Core4
  • 3MB4763Industrial MicrobiologyMB Elective3
  • 4MB4323Nano-BiotechnologyMB Elective3
  • 5MB4913Research Project-IIResearch Project3
  • Total17

Admission Criteria

At least 45% marks or 2nd division in F.Sc. Pre-Medical/A-level (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) or equivalent.


Graduates of this programme will have developed the necessary skills to become productive and ethical contributors to scientific research. They will be prepared to further their educations through additional graduate training, enter the industry, and/or begin an academic career. Students with the microbiology degree are well-suited for positions as a Microbiologist in Academics, Government Institutes, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Industrial laboratories and Dental schools. They can also obtain positions in fields that are not directly involved with research, such as various administrative positions in the industry and teaching. Students are not only prepared for careers in industry and teaching, as well as for post-graduate and professional programmes at other institutions.

Fee Structure

BS Microbiology ( 4 yrs, 8 semesters)

  • 1BS Microbiology25,0006,7001339,16,100


The above-mentioned fee structure is for illustration purpose only. UCP reserves the rights to make changes in the Fee Structure whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

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