Prospects of BS Botany

Botany is one of the major branches of Biology. Botany is all about the plant kingdom. In BS Botany, a student is studying about fungi, algae, plants, diseases, growth, metabolism, structure between different groups, etc. Still Botany is a broad field as there are more than 400,000 known species of plants found on our earth. Plants have solutions of all problems. There is a need of research on uses of local plants for different purposes. The amount of diversity in the field of Botany gives it students to choose their specializations as per their choice, aptitude and interests. Moreover, the application of plant sciences improves the yield and supply of medicines, foods, fibers, building materials and other plant products. The knowledge of plant sciences is essential for development and management of forests, parks, wastelands, sea wealth etc.

A person who works in this field known as a botanist. It will be the job of the botanist to study plant life along with finding solutions to problems related to that of forest and agriculture. There are also botanists who deal with space travel agriculture, artificial environments, hydroponics and various other interesting areas of research.

When planning a career in Botany, the job profile can include study of plants, research, working with industries, teaching, self-employment, and being a part of many more fields. One can be a part of any reputed organization as a plant explorer, conservationist, ecologist, environment consultant, horticulturist, plant biochemist, nursery manager, genetics, molecular biologist, taxonomist, plant pathologist, environmental consultant and farming consultant.

In short, a botanist can earn unlimited money and fame by researching on local herbs, shrubs and plants. It’s a rewarding field for research-oriented individuals and will never disappoint you.