Course Objectives:

Students will gain knowledge about the stereochemical behavior of organic molecules and acquire an ability to propose mechanism of simple reactions.

Course Contents:



Types of stereoisomers, RS and EZ notation, optical activity, stereoselectivity and stereospecificity, conformational analysis.

Organic Reactions and Mechanism:

Detailed mechanism of aliphatic reactions including addition, substitution, and elimination reactions, concept of energy profile, transition state and intermediate.

CHEM-261 Lab.

Experiments using polarimeter such as to determine optical activity of a sugar solution and to determine sugar concentration by polarimeter, isomerization of maleic acid.
Experiments involving aliphatic addition, elimination and substitution reactions, e.g., synthesis of cyclohexene from cyclohexanol, addition reaction to cyclohexene etc.
Synthesis  of  a  chalcone  explaining  the  concept  of  condensation  and dehydration, N-Alkylation of phthalimide, etc.