To understand the nuclear structure using different nuclear models. To understand the nature of nuclear forces. To give   understanding of radioactivity and nuclear reactions.


Starting from Bacqurel’s discovery of radioactivity to Chedwick’s neutron.

Basic Properties of Nucleus:

Nuclear size, mass, binding energy, nuclear spin, magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moment, parity and statistics.

Nuclear Forces: 

Yukawa’s theory of  nuclear forces. Nucleon scattering, charge independence and spin dependence of nuclear force, isotopic spin.

Nuclear  Models:

Liquid  drop  model,  Fermi  gas  model,  Shell  model, Collective model.

Theories of Radioactive Decay:

Theory of Alpha decay and explanation of observed phenomena, measurement of Beta ray energies, the magnetic lens spectrometer,   Fermi theory of Beta decay, Neutrino hypothesis, theory of Gamma decay, multipolarity of Gamma rays, Nuclear isomerism.

Nuclear Reactions:

Conservation laws of nuclear reactions, Q-value and threshold energy of nuclear reaction, energy level and level width, cross sections for nuclear reactions, compound nucleolus theory of nuclear reaction and its limitations, direct reaction, resonance reactions, Breit-Wigner one level formula including the effect of angular momentum.