Crystal Structure:

Lattices and basis, Symmetry operations, Fundamental Types of  Lattice, Position and  Orientation of  Planes  in  Crystals, Simple crystal structures.

Crystal Diffraction and Reciprocal Lattice:

Diffraction of X-rays, Neutrons and electrons from crystals; Bragg’s law; Reciprocal lattice, Ewald construction and Brillouin zone, Fourier Analysis of the Basis.

Phonons   and   Lattice: 

Quantization   of   Lattice   Vibrations,   Phonon momentum, inelastic scattering  by phonons, Lattice Vibrations for  Mono- atomic and diatomic basis, Optical Properties in the Infrared Region.

Thermal Properties of Solids:

Lattice heat Capacity, Classical model, Einstein Model, Enumeration of normal modes, Density of state in one, two or three dimensions, Debye model of heat capacity, Comparison with experimental results, thermal conductivity and resistivity, Umklapp processes.

Electrical Properties of Metals:

Classical free electron theory of metals, energy levels and density of orbital’s in one dimension, effect of temperature on the Fermi–Dirac distribution function, properties of the free electron gas, electrical conductivity and Ohm’s Law, thermal and electrical conductivities of metals and their ratio, motion of free electrons in magnetic fields, cyclotron frequency,   static   magneto   conductivity   and   Hall   Effect   along   with applications.